Bainbridge looks to help improve town sidewalks

Sunday, September 15, 2013

BAINBRIDGE -- To start off this month's Bainbridge Town Meeting Council President Chuck McElwee asked for a moment of silence to commemorate those that had died on Sept. 11, 12 years ago. After the moment the council jumped into business.

The Bainbridge Fire Department asked for the town's help in providing overnight security during a construction period. During the construction the fire station would be unable to be secured for two nights. The town will be working with the fire department to provide the security.

The town council also discussed helping property owners in the downtown area to replace the sidewalks along Main Street. Unlike other communities where the sidewalks are owned by the town, Bainbridge's Main Street. sidewalks are own-ed the property owners.

To help improve the area, the town will help property owners pay half of the cost of replacing the sidewalks. As long as the property owner replaces the existing sidewalk with something that is similar. For more information on this property owners may call the town hall.

Several months ago North Putnam Community Schools Superintendent Dan Noel approached the town with a memorandum of understanding between the town of Bainbridge and the school district. This understanding wou-ld allow for officers to enforce laws and write tickets on school property.

The town has been trying to contact Land and Sons concerning the sealing of the parking lot at East Point Park. The sealing is part of a court order issued to the group. If the sealing of the lot is not done in the next month, the company will be in violation of the court order.

Bainbridge will hold its next town council meeting on Oct. 9 at 7 p.m.

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