Letter to the Editor

Free Little Library is yours to enjoy

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

To the Editor:

A month ago the Putnam County Public Library put into place a Free Little Library, located close to the entrance of Robe-Ann Park.

It is a little wooden house on a post, which is filled with books both for children and adults.

These are books for the taking -- free for you and your children to enjoy, and if you have books you no longer want or need, you can feel free to leave them in the little library.

The history behind our interest in the Free Library began with a man named Todd Bol who, in 2009, constructed a miniature library to honor his book-loving mom. It was a simple cabinet outside his home in Wisconsin, with a few books inside and one rule: "Take a book, return a book."

In the four years since, thousands of Little Free Libraries have opened, and we are talking around the world. It has proven successful because within a neighborhood people have become better acquainted with one another, and everyone has enjoyed the opportunity to take a book they find and thus, explore new worlds.

Often the same book is returned after enjoying it, or another is placed inside, or the individual simply promotes the project to his friends.

There is a website that explains how to start, littlefreelibrary.org, and where one could buy library kits, but most prefer to design their own and decorate accordingly. Many have been posted in memory of a lost friend or family member who, of course, loved to read.

The trustees of the Putnam County Public Library are hopeful that others in our community will promote the idea and place other little libraries in and around our county, in yards, along walking paths, near schools, and in favorite gathering places.

We want to encourage a love for reading and literacy and we believe the discovery of a good book is a gift beyond price. The board would like to encourage others to build new little libraries and scatter them throughout the community, and by doing so contribute to the love of reading.

If you have questions, or want help with this project, please feel free to contact the library, and meantime, walk by the one currently located in the park, and enjoy a book.

Trustees of the Putnam

County Public Library