Letter to the Editor

'Reparation' producers happy with community effort

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

To the Editor:

On behalf of the entire cast and crew, the producers of the film "Reparation" wish to thank the communities of Putnam County, Greencastle and DePauw University for their support during our filming.

An independent film like this -- home-grown and on a shoestring budget -- could never happen without the strength of a community behind it.

You have opened up your homes to us, as well as your covered bridges, courthouse, restaurants, businesses, health clinics, herb farms, butterfly ranches, nature preserves, vehicles, firing ranges, back roads, highways and, of course, your farmers' market.

DePauw University welcomed the cast and crew and was instrumental in providing housing, offices, film locations, interns and equipment.

On July 18, just hours after the parade, we concluded filming and while the cast and crew have returned to their homes in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Indianapolis and Washington, D.C., the producers are heavily involved in post-production. The footage looks great.

We are all thankful for the time we've spent here, and for the genuine smiles and open doors you have shown us. We plan to screen the finished film in Greencastle during the spring of next year, and we hope the community enjoys a sense of pride with us in watching this story unfold in their own backyard. Thank you.

Steve Timm

Kyle Ham