Featured Athlete of the Week: Daniel Huffman, Football North Putnam High School

Thursday, October 29, 2015
Daniel Huffman (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

Daniel Huffman was born on July 5, 1996 to Robert and Melissa Huffman. Huffman is one of 13 children with No. 14 on the way.

At North Putnam he plays football, basketball, baseball and he high jumps on the Cougar track team.

Huffman enjoys his mother's enchiladas and meat lover's pizza. He likes to watch sports on television, his favorite movie is "Shooter" and he enjoys reading "Field & Stream Magazine" and "Sports Illustrated."

Huffman's favorite subject in school in economics and his favorite teacher was Nathan Martindale. He enjoys watching Bryce Harper, Peyton Manning and Adrian Peterson.

BG: What's different about being a senior this year?

DH: It's more leadership. You can feel how people look up to more. You are right up front.

BG: Who are some of your biggest supporters off the field?

DH: My parents, Shay Lucas, Erin Davis Ashton Lucas and all of my family; which is a lot. It's awesome having that many people behind me. It seems like you are playing for more than just yourself. Everyone gets to enjoy it as well.

BG: What are some of your favorite things about football?

DH : Everything. Let's see, making a big catch or big tackle. Interceptions are always fun. Just winning in general is awesome.

BG: What are some of the differences between football and baseball?

DH: I think it's more based on just raw athleticism in baseball. There's a lot more drills and more repetition to learn muscle memory. Football is more read and react.

BG: What's unique about the high jump?

DH: I'm going to try to run as well. I've tried various jump programs to try to dunk. I wanted to do high jump to help me in basketball to hopefully throw down.

BG: What are your favorite memories playing at North Putnam?

DH: Well, beating South Putnam and getting the bucket. This whole football season has been my favorite. Everybody is playing together. Nobody is fighting for power it's an everybody's equal feeling.

BG: What are your post-high school plans?

DH: I'm undecided as to where I'll go to college but I intend to study either business/marketing or Engineering Architecture. I also hope to play football in college.

BG: What sparked your interest in those subjects?

DH: Martindale with that Economics class I took. I really fell in love with that. Then I've worked on lots of construction crews. I like building stuff and I like being in charge of it. That's where the business management and Architecture come from.

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