Featured Athlete of the Week: Bobby Scheele , Wrestling North Putnam High School

Thursday, February 4, 2016
Bobby Scheele will play football next year for the Little Giants. (Banner Graphic/JAY LOCKETT)

Bobby Scheele is a senior wrestler at North Putnam. He was born on July 29, 1997 to Ed and Jennifer Scheele.

He enjoys watching Mythbusters on TV, his favorite subject is biology and his favorite teacher is Eric Van Haaften. Scheele enjoys chicken and he likes to watch Brian Urlacher and J.J. Watt.

Scheele also plays football and baseball for the Cougars and on Tuesday he signed to play defensive end at Wabash College. He'll study economics.

BG: What is different this year being a senior?

BS: Everything thing goes a lot faster.

BG: Who are some of your biggest supporters off the court?

BS: My parents. It's definitely my parents. It's really encouraging and it makes it a lot easier to do things.

BG: What is your favorite sport?

BS: It's probably football.

BG: What is your favorite thing about football?

BS: Contact. It's just fun to get your aggression out and hit somebody.

BG: What are the biggest differences or similarities when preparing for a football game?

BS: I'm a little more serious. I'll take the practice more serious. I have less fun, even though I have a lot of fun doing it.

BG: What is your favorite thing about baseball and wrestling?

BS: My favorite thing about baseball is the mental challenge. You've going to get down but you've got to keep going through it. With wrestling I like the physicality of it. I also like the mental part. You've got to know how to do certain things at certain times.

BG: Why did you choose Wabash?

BS: I like the challenge of the school. They have a great football program.

BG: Why do you want to study economics?

BS: I took an economics class here and I just enjoyed it.

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