Featured Athlete of the Week: Katie Hewitt, Softball, South Putnam

Friday, May 6, 2016
Katie Hewitt has been a big force for the South Putnam softball team in her career.

Katie Hewitt was born Nov. 9, 1997, to Chris and Brooke Hewitt.

She will go to Marian University in Indianapolis next year and will play softball. She is undecided on her major field of study, but is considering biology.

Banner Graphic: What kind of things do you like to do outside of school?

Katie Hewitt: I like to play a lot of travel softball, and I like to show pigs in 4-H. I haven't had time to do much lately, but the past two years I was able to. It's fun to watch them grow over time. It's a cool experience. 4-H is a great experience in general.

BG: What is your favorite TV show?

KH: "The Walking Dead." I like to put myself in the situation to see what I would do. Sometimes I get irritated when they don't do the right thing.

BG: What is your favorite food?

KH: Pineapple. I like all fruit.

BG: What do you like about softball?

KH: In softball, your teammates always have your back. Almost every game we've played this year, I've known someone on the other team from travel ball or somewhere. It creates a connection of people. Softball is completely all mental. You always have to know what to do

BG: How has your season gone?

KH: It's gone really well. We worked really hard in the beginning. We've really come together as a team and really went after our goal. We definitely wanted to become a team and win the sectional.

BG: What are the benefits of playing softball?

Katie Hewitt just misses knocking down a sharp grounder to left field.

KH: You develop leadership and you learn to work with others. You grow and build your character, and learn how to fight back.

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