Council supports Bainbridge fireworks

Sunday, June 26, 2016

BAINBRIDGE -- Ranked third in the state of Indiana in 2015, the town of Bainbridge expects its annual Fourth of July fireworks festival (to take place this year on Saturday, July 2) to carry on in familiar fashion.

Bainbridge Town Council President Jerry Lents and others reported at the town's June 15 public meeting that the show has grown in size year after year, resulting in an yearly exhibition known far and wide.

Last year's show featured a 45-minute, non-stop pyrotechnics event that was supplemented by a donation of $1,500 to local fireworks shop Mortonville Fireworks.

This year, the town has decided to up the amount of its donation to $2,500 with hopes that the show will attract even more visitors.

Furthermore, donations from local residents and businesses are encouraged by the board to maintain the level of the show.

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