Letter to the Editor

Placement of political signs in Greencastle noted

Thursday, September 29, 2016

To the Editor:

We are now in the final weeks leading up to one of the greatest days of our democracy, that of election day. As such, various candidates and parties are rallying behind their chosen candidates.

While all are encouraged to vote and be an active participant in the election process, the City of Greencastle does have some modest rules on placement of political signs.

Candidates, citizens and businesses are asked to keep all signs out of city, state or federal road and highway right-of-way. Political and advertising signs must be displayed on private property.

Generally signs should be located behind the sidewalk or 10 to 15 feet from the edge of pavement for most city streets. We do have a few streets such as SR 240 where the right-of-way is quite wide.

The City of Greencastle may remove political, real estate and business signs that are located in the city right-of-way. In some instances the improper placement of signs can constitute a traffic hazard.

We appreciate the cooperation of the candidates, their supporters, our citizens and our businesses. We would also encourage everyone to exercise their fundamental right to vote this November.

Thank you.

William A. Dory Jr.