Court News for 3-18-2017

Friday, March 17, 2017

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Brian J. Skeen, 47, Terre Haute, Level 5 felony driving after forfeiture of license for life

Jamison D. McKnight, 47, Fort Wayne, Level 6 felony driving while intoxicated, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Brandon P. Felton, 21, Coatesville, Level 6 felony sexual misconduct with a minor

Trey M. Vickery, 25, Greencastle, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine, Level 6 felony unlawful possession of a syringe, Class A misdemeanor theft

Damien J. Gibson, 25, Greencastle, Level 6 felony maintaining a common nuisance

Morgan M. Schmitt, 24, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Dax K. Comer, 25, Coatesville, Class A misdemeanor carrying a handgun without a license

Charles D. Kallner, 50, Reelsville, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Tiffany R. Duke, 42, Terre Haute, Class A misdemeanor theft, Class B misdemeanor unauthorized entry of a motor vehicle

Isaiah T. Long, 19, Reelsville, Class B misdemeanor possession of marijuana, Class C misdemeanor possession of paraphernalia

Jessica A. Kenworthy, 32, Fillmore, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass

Sabrina Schoolcraft, 28, Greencastle, Class B misdemeanor compulsory school attendance violation

Alex Branch, 26, Terre Haute, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license

Citations and Infractions

Gregory S. Eastep, 42, Bainbridge, seat belt violation

Kathy J. Monnett, 61, Coatesville, seat belt violation

Rusty J. Nance, 33, Brazil, driving with a suspended license

Lisa M. Hubble, 30, Poland, driving with a suspended license

Cody A. Hutts, 29, Indianapolis, boat personal flotation device violation

Alan Steinbarger, 51, Greencastle, passing stopped school bus

Chad A. Bridges, 38, Utica, Ky., speeding

Daniel J. Dowell II, 28, Rosedale, speeding

Mohammed A. Nadeem, 21, Evansville, speeding

Mark A. Welter, 42, Indianapolis, speeding

Teresa D. Wallen, 40, Stilesville, speeding

Kaylee E. Griner, 18, Coatesville, speeding

Debra Canal, 59, Fillmore, speeding

Amanda S. Collier, 36, Greencastle, seat belt violation, child restraint system violation

Craig A. Eleopoulos, 44, Brazil, speeding

Charles W. Ferrand, 49, Fillmore, seat belt violation

John C. Lombardo, 33, Brazil, passing stopped school bus

Katherine N. Brewer, 44, Rockville, passing on the right

Sean M. Johnson, 18, Cloverdale, speeding in school zone

Gabriella M. Hagedorn, 20, Indianapolis, speeding in school zone

Lori L. Duncan, 46, Cloverdale, speeding

Michael E. Aynes, 44, Bainbridge, seat belt violation

Kimberly R. Bailey, 31, Poland, driving with expired plates

Nicholas G. Bishop, 20, Russellville, seat belt violation

Brianna N. Christopher, 44, Bainbridge, seat belt violation

Dallas L. Day, 55, Greencastle, seat belt violation

Patrick L. O’Malley IV, Granger, 20, speeding

Jeanette Tiedemann, 49, Cloverdale, speeding in school zone

James M. Wiltermood, 21, Russellville, seat belt violation

Pat W. Porter, 48, Greencastle, open alcoholic beverage container during operation of motor vehicle, seat belt violation

Dustin T. Hardcastle, 25, Indianapolis, seat belt violation

Johnny R. Herd Jr., 23, Paoli, seat belt violation

Marc D. McLawyer, 34, Terre Haute, speeding

Amanda R. McTarsney, 35, Franklin, child restraint system violation

Brittany M. Means, 26, Clvoerdale, seat belt violation

Kimberly K. Sampley, 23, Anderson, seat belt violation

Wesley B. Cross, 23, Coatesville, speeding


Joseph W. Thompson, Putnamville Correctional Facility, and Tagrid Z. Thompson, Jeffersonville

Tracy Hall, Cloverdale, and Scott Hall, Worthington

Ashley Barnett, Greencastle, and Mika Hayes, Greencastle

Civil Cases

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Jennifer Helmick

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Carl Meek

Stone Creek Financial Inc. vs. Darren Huff