Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Rose White gets in her defensive stance during action last season.
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Rose White is a senior at Greencastle, and participates on the girls golf and basketball teams.

Banner Graphic: How important are sports to you, and what do you think youve learned from them?

Rose White: I love sports. Its a way to de-stress, and Im a very competitive person. I have a lot of siblings, so Ive always been really competitive. Basketball is my main sport; Ive been playing that all my life. I just joined golf last year because they needed another person. You can learn a lot about pushing through and persevering. Last year in golf, I was really bad. I just stuck with it, and its super fun to see how far I have come with it in a year. Its the same with basketball. It can be emotionally stressful. You make a lot of great memories in sports.

BG: What other school activities do you do besides sports?

RW: I am the leader of our Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter, and Im trying to form a program started this year called Champions Together. Its where student-athletes team up with students who have intellectual disabilities and play sports. Thats something Im really focusing on right now.

BG: What plans do you have after high school?

RW: Im pretty sure I want to go to Taylor to major in computer science and digital media. Its kind of a special major they have which attracted me to the school. I am a very analytical person, but I also like to be creative. That major mixes those two things. I think its going to be really fun.

BG: What kind of job could you get from that major?

RW: The world of technology is expanding rapidly, so I could go in a lot of different directions. I could make phone apps, or I could make promotional videos for a company. The sky is the limit.

BG: What do you do that is not school-related?

RW: I dont really watch a lot of movies or TV. I watch movies if my friends are watching one. I like Disney movies. I like a wide range of music, some oldies and a lot of pop music.

BG: Do you have any pets?

RW: I have two cats and a dog. Oreo is a black and white cat, and Miles was my birthday present this year who is an orange tabby cat. Very cuddly. We have a new puppy, hes a Bernadoodle, a mixture between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle. Shes very hyper, but shes a fun time.

BG: What is your greatest fear?

RW: Needles and blood. I could not be a doctor or a nurse.

BG: What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

RW: My favorite is cinnamon rolls, because they have so much icing piled up on top. My least favorite food is caramel. I dont like the texture of it. People dont understand it, but I think its gross.

BG: What is something youve never done before that youd like to do someday?

RW: Id like to travel to either Asia or Europe. Ive been to the Caribbean Islands, but I would like to travel further and understand the world better.

BG: What has your overall Greencastle High School experience been like?

RW: Its been great. Its gone fast, and its crazy to think Im already a senior. Greencastle is a great school, and they have treated me well the past four years. Im definitely going to miss it.

BG: Do you have any special skills that people might not know you have?

RW: I can play the ukulele sometimes for my church. Im not great at it, but thats something I do when I have time. My sister got one, and I thought that was cool so I got one. We played them together. That was fun.

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