FEATURED ATHLETE OF THE WEEK: Drew Boyette, Cloverdale

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Drew Boyette

Drew Boyette is a senior member of the football and golf teams at Cloverdale.

Banner Graphic: Which sports have you played, and what have you learned from sports?

Drew Boyette: ďIíve played football my whole life, and I started playing golf when I got into high school. Iíve always enjoyed playing football. I have learned many things from those two sports. In football, you have to have a good attitude going into each game or match, because sportsmanship is a big thing. Whenever you get hotheaded on the field, you have to stay calm. Your actions reflect on other people. Same thing in golf. You canít get mad if you hit a bad shot, you just have to move on. Those are things that you can use throughout your life.Ē

BG: The football has made a big improvement during your four-year career. Talk about that and what it means.

DB: ďPeople thought my senior group, since we were in little league, was going to be something special when we got older. Coming in as freshmen it was a little rough, because we were so young going against so much older guys. As we got older, we got to be the same age as everyone else and we did a lot better. This year was awesome. We improved so much, and did more than what people were expecting. We werenít just a regular Cloverdale pushover like we usually are.Ē

BG: What has your overall Cloverdale experience been like?

DB: ďIíve always attended Cloverdale, and Iíve always loved it here. Iíve never had a problem here, and I have a great relationship with my friends, teachers and coaches here.

BG: What are your plans for after high school?

DB: ďMy plan right now is to go to Lincoln Tech and become an electrician, and then move on from there. I know a couple of people who are electricians, and they like it. Iím good with hands-on work, and I donít want to be in a job where Iím in an office on the computer all day long. I looked into being a welder, but I didnít want to do that for the rest of my life. There is always going to be a need for electricians. A class here called Ag Power taught us to work with our hands, and got me interested in a career like that.Ē

BG: What kinds of things do you like to do when youíre not at school or playing sports?

DB: ďI show cows and pigs. That takes up a lot of time. Whenever Iím not playing football or golf, thatís what Iím doing most of the time. I like to listen to country music, and I watch college sports on TV. I like to watch movies, but donít have a certain favorite. Iím just kind of a laid-back kid who doesnít go out much and just stays home. Iím a pretty good student, and I keep my nose clean.Ē

BG: What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

DB: ďSteak would be my favorite and sushi would have to be my least favorite.Ē

BG: Do you have any goals for the rest of the school year?

DB: ďIíd like to have a good year in golf and try to win the county and be all-conference, and make it out of the sectional. Fortunately we have a net here at the school so we get to practice our swing in the winter. We also have a little putting course so we can work on our game when itís too cold to play outside.Ē

BG: Do you have any idea if youíd like to live in Putnam County as an adult, or do you have plans to go elsewhere?

DB: ďIíd like to come back around here where my family is. I donít mind traveling, maybe for a week or two, but then I need to come back home. Wherever my job takes me is where Iíll end up going.Ē

BG: Do you have any particular highlight of your school experience that stands out among the others?

DB: ďJust coming to school to see my friends. Once we get out of school and graduate, youíll probably never see a lot of them again. You just cherish every moment with your best friends.Ē

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