Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Colin York
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Colin York is a senior basketball player at Greencastle.

Banner Graphic: How long have you been playing sports, and how important are they in your life?

Colin York: Sports have always been a part of my life, as long as I can remember. My mom has these pictures of me playing on a Little Tykes. My dad and my grandfather both played, and its been through my whole family. Ive gotten to meet some of my best friends through sports, and it teaches you a lot of life skills like working through adversity.

BG: So, your senior year is here. Is that kind of scary?

CY: I remember like it was yesterday sitting here as a freshman getting ready to play my first high school basketball game, and now Im a senior. Thats crazy. Im excited about it, though, and I am going to make the best I can out of it. It will be the best of the four years.

BG: Last year, you were the only player on the team to average in double figures (18.8). What have your done to improve your game for this season?

CY: I am trying to be more consistent with my shots, and to get as many reps on The Gun [shooting machine] as I can.

BG: What are your plans for after high school?

CY: I dont have any definite plans. I want to go somewhere for that I can play basketball, and I want to study business or study sports management. I want a school that has really good academics, and where I can focus on basketball too. Id like to stay in state somewhere closeby. Ill probably be homesick for the first time in my life.

BG: What is your biggest school basketball highlight to date?

CY: Id say winning the county title my freshman year. We havent gotten it done the past couple of years, but Im just going to try to go out with a bang my senior and get that bucket for the last time.

BG: What other school activities do you do?

CY: Im in Naitonal Honor Society, but I dont do a lot of other activities. I like to come to a lot of the sporting events and support the other athletes.

BG: What kinds of things do you like to do outside of school?

CY: I like to play golf. Im not really very good. I was decent in middle school, but I stopped playing. I like to watch Netflix. Shameless is my favorite show now. I listen to music occasionally. I like to watch a lot of documentaries about basketball,about people who were in bad situations who grow up and get out of them.

BG: Do you have an interest in coaching basketball someday?

CY: Id love to stay around the game when Im older, and maybe give back to the community and coach like my dad does now. Id like to keep this basketball program going in the right way in the future.

BG: What is something you have never done before that you would like to do someday?

CY: I want to go to Hawaii really bad. Its beautiful with warm weather and everything.

BG: What is your greatest fear?

CY: Heights. Im really scared of heights. I havent fallen off anything. Im a baby, I guess. I watch videos of high places and get kind of clammy.

BG: What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

CY: Wings would be my favorite. Im a BBQ guy. My least favorite is something like spinach that looks and smells nasty.

BG: Do you have any pets?

CY: We have two dogs. Max is a yellow labrador, and Scout is a golden doodle. They are inside dogs. Max is older, and hes been around every since I have. Scout is the young, energetic one that gets on your nerves. But I still love him.

BG: Do you have any goals

CY: Id like to get my GPA up to 3.7 or 3.8 if I can. I just took the SAT again, so hopefully I can score better. For basketball, we want to place the best we can in the county, conference and sectional. Id like to get to the Friday and Saturday games in the sectional and do something Ive never done before [win the sectional].

BG: Summarize your Greencastle experience overall.

CY: Its been great, but its totally flown by. It was great to play two years for coach [Troy] Greenlee, and to play with a great player like Ryan [Coble]. Then coach [Bryce] Rector came, and things have been different but its been great too. Last year, we had a bad start but we finished strong. I think well be good throughout and surprise people. Ive loved it here. Ive loved all my teachers. Miss [Maggie] Walters in English has been one of my favorite teachers.

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