Tuesday, March 6, 2018
Evan Crowe moves the ball upfield against North Putnam in action last fall.
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Evan Crowe is a senior at Greencastle and participates in soccer and football.


Banner Graphic: Talk about sports, their role in your life and what you have learned from them.

Evan Crowe: “Sports have taught me discipline and how to be a team player, as well as keeping me in shape. I like the nerves before the game, it’s great. I love playing the game with friends and how you get to bond with them.”

BG: In the fall you play both soccer and football. Was that a hard combination?

EC: “Not really. I only practiced kicking for football one day a week.”

BG: Which is tougher: Kicking a field goal or a soccer goal?

EC: “Definitely football. Soccer just came naturally for me. The ball is shaped differently in football, and you kick it entirely differently. The steps are a lot different. I did OK. Coach [Jeff] McCall is a great kicking coach. He’s gone to a lot of kicking camps and seen how they teach kickers, and brought it back to us. He really helped a lot.”

BG: Did you have to practice tackling?

EC: “Sometimes. I actually want to always hit someone. In soccer you can’t do that. I played football in middle school, and hitting people is what I have missed most about it.”

BG: Describe your soccer career at Greencastle.

EC: “When I started as a freshman, I was decent. Playing with older players has gotten me to where I am today. Playing different calibers of players has really helped. It was really fun to win the sectional this year.”

BG: What are your plans for after high school?

EC: “I have signed to play soccer for St. Mary-of-the-Woods. I am going to major in biology and I want to be a physical therapist. I have taken zoology, marine biology and anatomy. I’m really a science guy.”

BG: What other school activities do you do?

EC: “I used to be in Key Club, and I am the French club president. This month we are working on baking quiche for the teachers. That’s how we get most of our money. Mrs. Berry [the French teacher] will help us to get information to the teachers, and we use the money for trips to a French restaurant, an art museum and other trips like that.”

BG: What things do you do outside of school?

EC: “I go to church at First Baptist, and I work sometimes at Casa Grande. I like to play pickup soccer on the weekends. This spring I am playing for a travel team from Terre Haute, and we have a tournament this weekend in northern Indiana. I like to fish, hunt and camp. I killed a deer this year.”

BG: If you were to describe your personality in one word, what would that word be?

EC: “Humble. I never want to brag on myself, and I think people should be humble. No one likes someone who brags on themselves.”

BG: Do you have any pets?

EC: “We have three cats — Tattoo, Mama Kitty and Storm. We have a dog named Riley. She’s a Yorkie, and she’s pretty old. I am allergic to the cats, so I pet them sometimes but not too much.

BG: What is your greatest fear?

EC: “I hate snakes. I’ve never actually been bitten by one, but my dad ran over one with the lawn mower when I was about 10 years old and cut it in half. I thought it was dead, but it kept on moving and it scared me to death. I have hated them since then.”

BG: What are your favorite and least favorite foods?

EC: “My favorites are steak, sushi, mashed potatoes and pasta just about anything. I’m not very picky. My least favorite would be Ramen noodles.”

BG: Do you have any goals for the rest of the year?

EC: “I obviously want to graduate. I want to make as many memories as I can with my friends. I know we won’t all keep in touch as much in college, and I will have some new friends.

BG: Summarize your whole Greencastle experience.

EC: “Greencastle is a great school, and I never would have wanted to go to any other school. The teachers are always nice, and the school is great.”

BG: Do you have plans to live here after college, or plans to move far away?

EC: “I’ve always wanted to see other places, but this is a really nice community and I’d like to live here.”

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