Baugh seeking sheriff’s position

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
Jerrod Baugh
Courtesy photo

Jerrod Baugh is a Republican candidate for Putnam County sheriff on the May 8 primary ballot.

“My name is Jerrod Baugh and I would like to be your next sheriff,” he begins. “In Indiana every four years we get the opportunity to elect a sheriff in our county. I am taking this opportunity to ask for your vote in our May 8 Republican primary for sheriff.

“I was taken to jail at the age of four and did not leave until I was 12. Some would have made the changes never to go back but not me. I watched my father (the late Jim Baugh) lead the Putnam County Sheriff’s Department (PCSD) with multiple positive outcomes. It was at that time I set my goal of serving this same community as an effective leader and sheriff.”

A lifelong Putnam County resident and graduate of South Putnam High School, Baugh completed his college education in criminal justice and criminology at Ball State University, where he also met his wife Tara and they returned to Greencastle to work and build a home.

“At that time I was advised that regulations did not permit me to be a PCSD merit deputy because my father was a supervisor. However, wanting to stay in Putnam County I chose to serve as an Indiana Excise Police officer and supervisor for (23 years).

“During these years I have prepared myself for leadership in Putnam County by serving as president of the FOP for 20 years, starting a safe and fun 4-H Shooting Sports Program that has served our county for 14 years, and served with many other local organizations and boards.”

His goal as sheriff will be to lead the PCSD with increased community-based, proactive law enforcement, something it could accomplish, Baugh said, in three ways:

-- Institute a school resource officer program to mentor students, instruct staff about emergencies and deliver an anti-drug program.

-- Work with other county agencies to create a multi-agency drug task force, supported by a multi-jurisdictional SWAT team to not only support their efforts but to provide citizens with a local response to emergencies.

-- Have a comprehensive volunteer reserve deputy program at a low cost to citizens but with great benefit, creating more patrols in rural areas of the county and lessen responsibilities of merit deputies.

Currently operational funds and grants are available for all the above functions at the department, Baugh said.

“Our county has seen an increase of alcohol-related crashes in the rural areas from 24 to 42, all while the state level has decreased,” the candidate said, citing Indiana Traffic Safety Facts 2013-16. “It is my belief that this is from a lack of patrols and investigations on our county roads. It will be the goal of my administration to increase patrols and bring these numbers down while also providing better coverage to Putnam County.”

“I would greatly appreciate your support and vote in this Republican primary,” Baugh concluded, “giving me the opportunity to show you what we together are capable of for a better Putnam County.”