Tox-Away Day rids area of 45 tons of tires, TVs, appliances, as well as hazardous waste

Tuesday, May 22, 2018
Workers and volunteers organize recyclables brought in Saturday as Jake Mundy loads tires collected during the annual Tox-Away Day effort at Area 30 Career Center
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Nearly 500 local residents took advantage of the 21st annual Putnam County Tox-Away Day event Saturday, taking the opportunity to recycle or properly dispose of household hazardous wastes and keep them from being placed in regular trash, flushed or poured down the drain or onto the ground.

“Proper disposal of electronics like TVs, cell phones, and computers is so important in this age of technology,” West Central Solid Waste District (WCSWD) Executive Director Jane Collisi said, noting that 471 area residents participated in the Tox-Away Day effort conducted at the Area 30 Career Center in Greencastle.

“Simply throwing things in the trash is not an answer,” she added. “These items can leach mercury, lead and other hazardous materials into the ground and end up in our drinking water.”

In all, 47,660 pounds of car, truck and farm tires were collected at the site.
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At Tox-Away Day, WCSWD generally collects 20,000 to 30,000 pounds of hazardous materials, Collisi noted. Exact numbers on those materials for 2018 are not expected to be available for a few weeks.

However, some impressive numbers are available, including the disposal of 25,130 pounds of appliances, 16,724 pounds of televisions and other electronics, and 47,660 pounds of car, truck and farm tires.

Total for that side of the event, Collisi told the Banner Graphic, was a remarkable 89,514 pounds -- or nearly 45 tons.

Illustrating the importance of the annual program to the community, Putnam County resident David Weaver twice drove through the Tox-Away Day set-up, dropping off tires, appliances, electronics and fluorescent tubes for himself and some of his neighbors, Collisi pointed out.

Many of the local residents who dropped off their hazardous and problem wastes stated how much they appreciated West Central Solid Waste District providing this service and they would not otherwise know how to dispose of these types of items, Collisi added.

District residents of Putnam, Parke and Montgomery counties who were unable to attend the May 19 event are welcome to attend the Tox-Away Day(s) on June 23 at North Montgomery High School, north of Crawfordsville, or Sept. 15 at the Parke County 4-H Fairgrounds, Rockville.

Persons also may call the West Central Solid Waste District with any questions at 653-2150 or go to the website at

WCSWD Executive Director Collisi said special thanks should go to co-sponsor Heritage Environmental Services.

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