Letter to the Editor

Where are the Republican candidates?

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

To the Editor:

As Democratic candidates running for office in Putnam County, we are greatly concerned by the lack of enthusiasm from multiple Republican candidates to engage the citizens of this community through participating in the candidate forums/debates sponsored by the Greencastle League of Women Voters.

This forum has served, for many years, as an opportunity for local candidates to appear before the public and to discuss the issues that are important to community members. Candidates are given the opportunity to express why they hope to be elected.

As Democratic candidates, we understand and believe that we ultimately work for the citizens of this community. Regardless of political party, a core value that is shared by all citizens, is that elected officials should be both accessible and accountable to the public to share their priorities and platforms.

So, if Jim Baird, Beau Baird, Danny Wallace, Jeffrey Alexander, Steve Butts, Tina Sillery and Marsha Carrington have all declined to participate in the candidatesí forum, why did they run for office? Why are they not willing to engage their opponents and the public who they are hoping to represent?

We appreciate that Commissioner Rick Woodall is willing to debate.

The best work is done with a team of capable energized people. The Putnam County Democratic party continues to work in this manner for the community.

The Putnam County Democrats urge citizens to vote for the candidates who attend this event and many more local events. We ask that citizens please vote for candidates who arenít afraid to serve the public or to tackle the difficult issues.

Kimberly Anne Fidler

Steve Cash

Matt W. Cummings

Tom Chiarella

Veronica Pejril

Chelsea Fidler

J.D. Grove

Marianne Novak

Bruce Zink