Letter to the Editor

Confirmation sends women message

Friday, October 26, 2018

To the Editor:

I am grieved and saddened at the Senate confirmation of a man accused of rape to be a high judge above others. As a survivor myself and one who has talked with young college rape victims, I know that rape effects women (and men) for the rest of their lives.

I could not previously imagine that I would live in a time where my government would so carelessly value the health and safety of its women and girls, but this seems to be, as a friend told me “the times we live in.”

Somehow I feel many of our leaders simply decided that the courageous honesty of the women who came forward, whose stories we recognized as true, did not matter, as long as those men could have power.

But I think they forgot something.

Another aspect of these times is that women can vote.

Some of our leaders did not listen when I wrote and called and texted. It’s time to value women’s lives and vote them out.

Rachel Goldberg

Director of Peace and Conflict Studies

DePauw University