Independents begin filing for town elections

Friday, June 7, 2019

With a July 1 deadline to file just over three weeks away, paperwork is beginning to filter in for independents candidates seeking office in 2019 municipal elections.

Putnam County town elections have traditionally been contested between independent candidates, though an increasing number of Republicans have held office in Cloverdale in recent terms.

In three of Putnam County’s five small incorporated towns, the town council election has begun to take shape.

Fillmore, which has three at-large council positions, currently has three candidates for those positions in incumbents Bill Ashcraft and Cyrus “CJ” Huller, as well as Meredith Trusty.

Trusty also previously served on the council, having filled out the remaining year of a term in 2015.

In Bainbridge, two incumbents have filed to seek another four years. Jerry Lents and Joel Thompson are seeking two of the three available at-large seats.

In Roachdale, incumbent Holly Cook is seeking another term, while Richard Miles Sr. is also seeking one of the three seats.

No candidates have filed to run for clerk-treasurer in any of these three towns.

No independents have yet filed to run for office in Cloverdale or Russellville, though there are already a number of Republicans on the ballot in Cloverdale.

Representing the GOP on the November ballot will be incumbent Cheryl Galloway for clerk-treasurer, incumbent Gary Bennington for an at-large seat, incumbent Larry Fidler for Council Ward 1 and Rick Dearwester for Ward 2.

Ward 3 and the other at-large seat were elected in 2018.

There has been some confusion regarding the elections in Russellville. While the town council voted late last year to sync up town elections with state and federal elections in even years, there will still be elections for clerk-treasurer and all three at-large council positions in 2019.

Clerk-treasurer (currently Martha Mandleco) and the at-large position held by Cary McGaughey will be up for one-year terms that will be back on the ballot for regular four-year terms in 2020.

Meanwhile, the other two at-large council positions (currently Cathy Jones and Jim Davis) will be up for three-year terms, that will return to the ballot in 2022 for four-year terms.

Thus far, no one has filed for any of these positions.

Meanwhile, in the City of Greencastle elections, just one recent change has taken place.

Democrat Kim Fidler has removed her name from the ballot for one of three at-large positions and incumbent Dave Murray has taken her place.

Fidler, who also chairs the county Democrat Party, also announced plans for Steve Snyder to fill the vacancy for city council Ward 4. However, that paperwork has not yet been filed.

The entire city ballot is as follows:

• Mayor: Bill Dory (D)

• Clerk-treasurer: Lynda Dunbar (R)

• Council Ward 1: Adam Cohen (D)

• Council Ward 2: Stacey Langdon (R)

• Council Ward 3: Veronica Pejril (D), Haywood Ware (R)

• Council Ward 4: No candidate filed. (Democrat Steve Snyder is to be appointed)

• Council At-large: Matt Cummings (D), Mark Hammer (R), Gary Lemon (D), Harry Maginity (R), Dave Murray (D), Tyler Wade (R)

The parties have until June 30 to appoint candidates to vacancies on the ballot.

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