Letter to the Editor

A successful Give Kids a Smile

Monday, May 4, 2020

To the Editor:

I wanted to thank everyone for the time and effort in making our participation in the Give Kids a Smile program very successful. The program has now been in effect for the children of Putnam County 18 years and through the efforts of many individuals, we were able to treat over 20 children on a Friday the 13th no less. Several will require additional visits if able to complete the necessary treatment to gain complete dental health before the school year ends.

I would like to thank our hygiene team of Kim McMains and Heather Lewis, who tirelessly screened children at all the elementary schools working closely with the school nursing staffs to find eligible children. To the nurses and staffs of South Putnam, Cloverdale and Greencastle School corporations; Rita Bain, Tiffany Shields with Pam Wade , and Rhonda Kessler who despite busy schedules, were willing to appreciate dental health as an important part of the overall well-being of their students. It is greatly appreciated to have the support of Principals Emily Johnson, Michael McHugh, Mary Elkins, Todd Gowen and Debbie Steffy with the Superintendents in achieving these dental health goals.

The rest of our incredible dental team: Carrie Hubbard, Cindy Hennette, Kelsey Murtagh, Jennifer McCallie, Morgan Vondersaar, Tosha White, Megan Hughes and Stacey Burgess also deserve many thanks for volunteering during their time off to dedicate their skills in helping treat and educate these deserving children on the benefits of good dental health.

The enthusiastic coverage and support by Eric Bernsee and the Banner Graphic has always been greatly appreciated in promoting the program for deserving children.

Lastly, to the very brave children we met and their families in allowing us to care for them, our profound thanks. Lots of smiling faces graced our office in spite of the “anxiety” dentistry sometimes elicits. Several of these children had never experienced being in a dental office. Our dental team truly enjoyed the experience! Thank you all!!

PS: Please check out our web-site, social media sites and/or call the office for our policies re: treating children and families with the COVID-19. It is a fluid situation and changes are being made at any and all times with many varying philosophies. We are certainly aware of everyone’s concerns and are acting accordingly. We certainly understand whatever decision a family is making.

Kindest regards,

John D Hennette, D.D.S.

Greencastle Pediatric Dentistry