Cloverdale board approves summer school options, textbooks

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Superintendent Greg Linton (middle right) and Cloverdale School Board members (from left) Donna Fidler, JaceAnn Troutt, Vivian Whitaker and Duane Huge keep six feet apart during their meeting in the cafetorium at Cloverdale Middle School Monday evening.
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CLOVERDALE -- Meeting in the cafetorium at Cloverdale Middle School, all of the Cloverdale School Board met Monday evening to consider measures related to textbooks and summer school.

The board approved a set of options regarding how summer school at Cloverdale High School would be handled in light of the current closures.

Principal Sonny Stoltz provided that in the event that students can be brought on campus, two teachers would supervise Edmentum (or PLATO) in the Knoy Resource Center. Thirty students at minimum would be enrolled, and the following classes would be offered: English 9, 10, 11 and 12; Algebra I and II; Geometry; Earth Space Science; Biology I and/or Integrated Chemistry; Physics or Chemistry I; World History; U.S. History; Government; and Economics.

In the case that the campus would remain closed, Stoltz requested that a virtual class be offered to students who have failed Algebra I. This will allow them the opportunity to get this credit. The teacher, who has not been assigned, would be responsible for handling lessons and material, as well as tracking students’ progress.

The third option would be to provide Edmentum to any student who has failed a core class, and they would have the summer session to complete the class. Michael Nees would be the contact liaison.

Summer school would be held from May 26 through June 12.

The board also approved textbook purchases for K-6 reading and ELA, as well as rentals across Cloverdale’s three schools for the 2020-21 school year.

Superintendent Greg Linton provided that the primary cost for the rentals was for the high school. He added that the cost would further support Cloverdale’s future one-to-one initiative.

Linton also said the K-6 and ELA materials were consumable ones which are purchased annually.

The board also approved a five-cent increase in lunch prices for the 2020-21 school year. Student prices will be $3.05 and $3.80 for adults. This was a request that was made by Food Services Director Billy Boyette.

Linton explained that the increase was determined by a calculator that weighs reimbursement of federal lunch funding through the National School Lunch Program (NSLP). Corporation Secretary Lynn Lotz added that the annual increase is based on October numbers.

Additionally, the board approved a contract extension for the superintendent, principals and assistant principals at Cloverdale Schools.

The board also approved handbooks for all three schools. Linton highlighted one change that stipulates guidelines at the middle school and high school for taking home school-owned devices.

The board also approved the following personnel report:

• Retirement: LaFonda Woolf - CHS math teacher;

• Resignation: Matthew Langdon - CHS girls’ varsity basketball coach;

• Employment: Jim Spencer - CHS girls’ varsity volleyball coach.

At the end of the meeting, Linton said Cloverdale was scheduled to hold a virtual graduation event this Friday. He added that administrators are hoping to have a normal commencement ceremony sometime in July, when the state is hoped to be fully open.

Linton also expressed appreciation to the board for the approval of the administrator contracts.

Board President Vivian Whitaker also shared that she was heartened by the response and togetherness of Cloverdale teachers, staff and parents during the closures brought on by COVID-19.

The next regular meeting of the Cloverdale School Board is scheduled for Monday, June 8 at 7 p.m.

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