Roachdale Library announces plans for computer usage

Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Roachdale Library

ROACHDALE – The Roachdale Public Library has moved to Phase 3 of its building reopening plan, which includes computer and document services.

The library is also are continuing curbside services for library materials.

“We know there are many in the community who are in need of the computers for essential services or documents to be faxed,” Library Director Jennifer Stranger said.

Below outlines the ins and outs of those services:

• The library building will remain closed to the public with the exception of appointment times for computers or faxing. Only the front area of the main floor is accessible.

• Two computers (one on each side) will be available to the public by appointment only for business, education or financial needs (i.e. applying for unemployment, SNAP, WIC, employment searches). Faxing will be limited to the same needs. Computer appointments are limited to one hour. If no appointments are scheduled, and the patron is completing essential applications, this time may be extended.

• Appointments are for one person only. Patrons must be able to use the computer independently. Staff must maintain six-foot social distancing when providing basic assistance with computers and will not be able to type for the patron or touch the computer keyboard or mouse.

• If the patron needs to bring another person to assist them with computer usage (or in the case of a single parent with a young child and no child care), it needs to be disclosed when making the appointment time, which may limit the computer availability to the one appointment.

• For faxing, the patron must have everything ready to be faxed and the number clearly noted. The patron will remain in the lobby area as paperwork is faxed and a printout will be provided to show faxing results.

For everyone's safety, the staff will have face coverings on and will also be wearing gloves when handling documents and disinfecting computers after each use.

The library asks that patrons also wear face coverings when coming into the library for these services and use provided hand sanitizer upon entering.

Both patrons and staff are asked to stay home if they have had a fever within the last three days or have experienced any illnesses.

Computer keyboards and the mouse will have a disposable plastic cover on them, which will be removed and replaced after each use.

To schedule an appointment, call 522-1491, e-mail, or PM the library staff. If you are in urgent need of services outside of these times, contact the library to make arrangements.

Appointment and curbside hours are noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Wednesday and noon to 3 p.m. Thursday and Friday.

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