Court News for July 23, 2021

Thursday, July 22, 2021

The following cases were filed in Putnam County courts recently.

Criminal Cases

Larry L. Watters, 36, Martinsville, Level 5 felony carrying a handgun as a felon, Class A misdemeanor driving with a suspended license with a prior conviction, Class C misdemeanor driving while intoxicated

Christopher A. Earls, 42, Greencastle, Level 6 felony possession of methamphetamine, Level 6 felony unlawful possession of a syringe, Class A misdemeanor driving while intoxicated endangering a person, Class C misdemeanor driving with a controlled substance in the body

Adrian D. Henley Jr., 26, Indianapolis, level 6 felony check fraud, Level 6 felony theft

Ashlee N. Skinner, 41, Spencer, Level 6 felony theft of a firearm

Tracy L. Boehm, 45, Greencastle, Level 6 felony theft with a prior conviction, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass

Eric M. Hannel, 62, Greencastle, Level 6 felony intimidation

Wren R. Miethe, 26, Roachdale, Class A misdemeanor theft

Michael T. Wood, 60, Montezuma, Class A misdemeanor driving while intoxicated endangering a person

Tabitha Jo Blake, 38, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor battery resulting in bodily injury, Class B misdemeanor criminal mischief

Brenda S. Long, 63, Cloverdale, Class A misdemeanor theft

Mary M. Weed, 45, Greencastle, Class A misdemeanor theft, Class A misdemeanor criminal trespass

Kimberly D. Denham, 49, Coatesville, Class A misdemeanor check deception

Citations and Infractions

Andrew Dutkanych, 17, Indianapolis, driving left of center

Melissa D. Jackson, 50, Reelsville, speeding

Randy W. Snyder, 29, Brazil, speeding

Lisa J. Herron, 54, Brazil, speeding

C B Burris, 59, Poland, seat belt violation

Patricia D. McClintock, 35, Greenfield, speeding

Thomas C. Peyton, 78, Coatesville, speeding

Chad A. Metcalf, 50, Reelsville, speeding

Tristan T. Madden, 16, Cloverdale, speeding

Gavin W. Poynter, 20, Coatesville, speeding

Salvador E. Bonilla, 37, Indianapolis, speeding

Elijah D. Gibson, 18, Greencastle, speeding

Jacob D. Pitz, 24, Indianapolis, speeding

Travis G. Gray, 32, Cloverdale, speeding

Christian C. Rigney, 22, Brazil, speeding

Christopher G. Gallaher, 34, Greencastle, speeding

Whitney M. Payne, 23, Spencer, speeding

Adam W. Smith, 27, Greencastle, speeding

Brendan C. Bow, 20, Indianapolis, driving without financial responsibility, failure to provide vehicle registration

Christie Yost, 45, Quincy, driving with a suspended license

Levi G. Taylor, 18, Camby, speeding

Patrick K. Wilson, 39, Brazil, speeding

Hailey A. Stacy, 22, Joliet, Ill., speeding

Clifton D. Tuell, 56, Greencastle, driving with a suspended license

Micah L. Bland, 35, Vincennes, driving with a suspended license

Disney L. Sebastian, 22, Martinsville, speeding

Abigail S. Schwomeyer, 23, Cloverdale, speeding

Taylor M. Glaziner, 26, Indianapolis, speeding

Joshua P. Woolery, 20, Brazil, speeding

Brittany E. Reyes, 25, Bloomington, speeding

Donald Dancy, 22, Indianapolis, driving with a suspended license

Cameron A. Chapman, 22, Terre Haute, speeding

William E. Heard, 52, Rockville, driving with a suspended license

Luke M. Sillery, 20, Fillmore, no valid driver’s license

Gary K. Rice II, 46, Brazil, speeding

Colby R. Overpeck, 18, Mooresville, speeding

Samuel C. Durnbaugh, 20, Columbia, Tenn., speeding

Larry J. Branson Jr., 52, Brazil, seat belt violation

Brayan J. De Latorre, 20, Rantoul, Ill., speeding

Kent Hughes, 55, Terre Haute, speeding

Jacinda A. Batchelor, 34, Brazil, driving a vehicle with a place belonging to another vehicle, driving without financial responsibility

Mitchell J. Johnson, 24, Greencastle, speeding

David E. Hill, 55, Camby, speeding

Owen B. Hawkins, 46, Winslow, speeding

Chelsey M. Walters, 23, Brazil, speeding

Travis A. Fulk, 37, Gosport, driving without financial responsibility, driving with a suspended license, driving a vehicle with a fictitious plate

Nicholas T. Combs, 22, Cloverdale, speeding

Mara T. Rich, 21, Terre Haute, speeding

Austin W. Dean, 25, Carbon, speeding

Meghan Y. Brackett, 32, Avon, driving without financial responsibility

Jayln R. Shumaker, 18, Brazil, speeding

Brian E. Cox, 46, Brazil, speeding

Jarett M. Combs, 21, Brazil, speeding

Marriage Licenses

Herman W. Rhude and Shannon L. Terrell, Cloverdale

Erin D. Miller and Brayden Bryant, Bainbridge

Ellen M. Wilbur, Frankton, and Craig A. Hardman, Greencastle

Jennifer L. O’Brien, Cloverdale, and Timothy J. Smith Sr., Coatesville

Elizabeth N. Roberts and William K. Turner, Greencastle

Sydney S. Clanton and Ryan M. Losee, Lakewood, Colo.

Zachary C. Crouse and Deborah A. Rubeck, Greencastle

Caitlyn Ray and Corey Crowder, Greencastle

Jay W. Ellis, Cloverdale, and Billi J. Brown, Franklin

Jeremiah Abbot, Cicero, and Gallory Taylor, Coatesville

Michayla G. Sanders and Toby K. Ross, Cloverdale

Tara M. Angermeier and Natalie Hills, Cloverdale

James R. Masters and Vicki J. Masters, Fillmore

Chad A. Carney and Ana P. Cespedes Calle, Coatesville

Jade Waters and Austin N. Wilson, Coatesville

Nickelle M. Herschell and Craig D. Nelson, Coatesville

Jasmyne Reed and Ian Ruble, Bainbridge

Tieara R. Collier, Fillmore, and Caleb L. Reynolds, Terre Haute

Nicholas G. Bishop, Coatesville, and Autumn G. Hamblin, Poland

Cameron A. Short and Anna K. Chavez, Greencastle

Michael G. Teso Jr. and Monika Cis, Fillmore

Justin Flory and Kelsey Johnson, Owasso, Okla.