Jervings celebrate 44 years

Thursday, July 13, 2023
Patty and Doug Jerving

Doug and Patty Jerving celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary on May 19, 2023.

After losing their son, fallen Police Officer Peter Jerving, in February, the Milwaukee Police Department along with other friends paid for the Jervings to spend a night in the historical Pfister Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. They savored lobster tails in the fabulous Mason Street Grill adjacent to the hotel.

Before the meal, Patty presented her husband with new wedding bands which had cut-out Hebrew letters from the Song of Solomon scripture which they had used in their original handwritten wedding vows. Patty repeated what she could remember of her vows to Doug, and then their meal of Canadian lobster tails was served.

Afterward a platter of dark chocolate cake was provided to them with the words in frosting, “Cheers on 44 years”.

The Pfister Hotel is a luxury hotel built in 1893 and it has been a hotel icon for well over a century. Patty and Doug toured the halls of the hotel observing the largest hotel collection of Victorian art in the world which the hotel owns and displays. The couple scanned the spectacular views of downtown Milwaukee and Lake Michigan from their hotel windows before spending a night in the luxurious suite, the best offered in the newer addition of the hotel.

After dining on a fine breakfast served by room service the following morning, the couple returned to their Milwaukee home where their five cats were happy to have them back.