Letter to the Editor

LETTER: Can we please concentrate on paving gravel roads?

Monday, March 11, 2024

To the Editor:

I am writing to you in regard to the front-page article, “County Highway to receive nearly $7.5 million in federal funding” published in the Friday, March 8 Banner Graphic newspaper. I am extremely disappointed that the Putnam County Commissioners are choosing to partially reward the Federal Funding transportation money ($2,353,500.00) to fund the curve reduction project on Manhattan Road (a nice black top road, I might add) while there are gravel roads still present in Putnam County that desperately need to be chip and sealed or paved (whichever is more cost effective).

Gravel roads can be a hazard to drivers, as loose gravel can be an unstable and a moveable surface to drive on. Gravel roads also cause breathing and health issues and dust problems to those who live on these gravel roads. The rocks also damage vehicles while traveling on the unpaved roads. I believe a much better use of the above project money would be better spent making sure all county roads are paved or chip and sealed first.

One such road that comes to mind, County Road 325 West, intersects with U.S. Highway 40 and would improve access on and off the highway. This would also improve Putnam County’s image to the traveling public. We purchased our property and built a beautiful home in Putnam County 16 years ago and we love it here. We also thought the county would have tried to chip and seal or pave the gravel roads after we moved into the community.

I respectfully implore the County Commissioners to re-think the Manhattan Road Project and fund chip and sealing or paving gravel roads instead.

With sincerity and warmest regards,
De-De Geier
Concerned Putnam County citizen