Jerving - 45th Anniversary

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Douglas and Patty Jerving celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary on May 19, 2024 by dining at Milwaukee’s premier lakefront dining destination, Harbor House.

The restaurant is set on Milwaukee’s lakefront, and has views of Lake Michigan, the Milwaukee Art Museum and Milwaukee’s skyline.

Patty wore a new outfit for the occasion, while Doug had on a sport jacket with no tie.

The couple had just returned from Police Week in Washington, D.C., where the name of their son, fallen Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving, had been added to the National Law Enforcement Memorial Wall there. There were 281 other officers’ names added to that wall this year, all who had died in the line of duty serving their communities in every state.

Prior to leaving home to dine, Doug and Patty had told each other how lucky they were to have each other. After arriving at Harbor House, they spotted a sign over the bar in the dining area which stated that true love is where each believes they are the lucky one. True love lasts.