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Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016
Opinion Column
Like the Naked City, we've got a million of them (02/09/16)
Supposedly there are eight million stories in "The Naked City." At least that's what the intro to the old black-and-white TV crime drama set in New York City told us. "And this has been one of them," the 1960s show sign-off would add. In court recently there were considerably fewer than eight million stories, and this piece will focus on none of them...
Opinion Column
How to tell if Congress is working again on Capitol Hill (02/09/16)
There have been encouraging signs that the Republican leadership on Capitol Hill wants to make Congress function again. They've talked about using conference committees more, allowing a more open process for rank-and-file members, enacting separate appropriation bills rather than using omnibus bills, and letting committees lead on legislation rather than hoarding all power in the leadership offices. ...
Opinion Column
Prosecutors in need of tools to protect communities from violent drug dealing (02/09/16)
There are those who wreak havoc on our communities through the violence of drug trafficking and drug dealing. Under current Indiana law, a convicted heroin dealer could get as little as a one-year sentence (minimum on a Level 5), and all of that time could be spent on probation and not in a prison...
Time to thaw county hiring process (01/21/16)
It's a question that's been asked dozens of times at Putnam County Council meetings in the last several years. "Are we in a hiring freeze?" Are we, indeed? The question has more than one answer, depending on how you look at it. By the book, the county remains under a hiring freeze enacted by the Putnam County Commissioners and Council in May 2009. With the state still reeling from the previous year's economic downturn, Putnam County was saddled with more than a $1 million budget reduction...
Opinion Column
Running for office a very tough job (01/21/16)
You know who I feel sorry for? Today's politicians. You'll laugh at this, but hear me out. This is a very tough time to be a politician -- whether running for office or trying to lead while holding office. The women and men who've undertaken to represent us face circumstances that make campaigning and governing unusually challenging right now...
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