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They get what they deserve

Posted Monday, February 22, 2010, at 11:34 AM

We've all heard them for weeks -- the sob stories that NBC will lose hundreds of millions of dollars on the Vancouver Winter Olympics. I can't say I've felt bad. The network that stabs its people in the back deserves it.

And now the Olympics have arrived and all can say is this: I hope it's even worse than they thought. NBC is mishandling these games like Martin Brodeur.

It really came to a head for me on Sunday night. The USA vs. Canada men's hockey game was the first event of these games I've really cared about, so I tried to tune in on MSNBC at 7:45. I say tried because I was unable. Instead, I got some typical MSNBC program about people in prison.

I turned back to regular NBC to see if I'd just misunderstood. I got the men's super combined, which I already knew Bode Miller had won that afternoon.

Wake up, Dick Ebersol, the games aren't in Beijing this time! Vancouver is in North America, so it's OK to broadcast live.

So then I try to tune in online, but find I don't subscribe to the right cable carrier to watch online. Apparently, it's only for the beautiful people. (I also begin to suspect this is why my version of MSNBC doesn't carry it.)

Instead, I have to keep checking espn.com every little bit (no chance of using nbc.com at this point) to see what's going on.

For me, a big fan of team sports, Sunday was the most important moment of these games so far, but NBC stole a lot of my excitement. I don't know if it's corporate posturing or just not caring about fans, but they are completely ruining these games.

It's sad to know what was once the best television network has now become a fourth-rate operation like this, but I don't plan to be watching any of their shows any time soon.

Maybe Fox should get a shot at the Olympics. They couldn't do any worse, could they?

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Why should they feel obligated to show that game in the US? It is a sport that the MAJORITY of Americans care less about. NBC is showing and doing what they think will get ratings in the US not Canada or any other country. Dude like I said to you on Twitter the other day, you are getting way to bitter about things that do not really matter.

-- Posted by jaredscousin on Mon, Feb 22, 2010, at 7:29 AM

Hi, I live in barstow ca. and get my TV reception over the air. I am not sure who the provider is but I have been able to watch all of the olympics and have enjoyed it very much! I dont know what that guys prolbem is but I think he should just go work in his garage or mow his yard, something that is more constructive than that.

-- Posted by fiskit on Mon, Feb 22, 2010, at 10:00 AM

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