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What happened?

Posted Tuesday, September 6, 2011, at 8:25 AM

The weather shows about as much moderation as I do. Three-digit heat indexes to jackets in two days? Really, Indiana?

I found it an interesting weekend in that Nicole and I left town on Saturday with nothing but T-shirts and shorts, only be shivering by Monday morning.

It's always an adventure, let me tell you what.

I won't complain at all, though. Real football weather is back, and I like it.

I'll only ask the same of all of you. Remember what you were saying back in July and "never complain about the cold again." I'm not sure how many of us are up to it.

A lot of people I know were saying they'd never complain about the heat again during last winter's ice storm. That vow didn't last long in this summer's heat wave, though.

So enjoy the changing of the seasons -- improper clothes, allergies and all.

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