South Putnam High School Aquaculture Open House

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

After months of work, South Putnam High School's remodeled aquaculture and plant facility was ready for students, parents, and neighbors to see during an open house Sept. 8. The facility now features six production and nursery fish tanks, four research tanks, and one quarantine tank. The fish waste is circulated to the hydroponic and aeroponic plant growth systems in a recirculating aquaculture system set up by Eric Curran (a SPHS alumnus) of Falling Waters Farm. The facility also features microgreen growth and food packaging systems. "Few colleges do both (aquaculture and plant growth)," Curran said. "Many schools are starting to get into this, but they're few and far between." The updated facilities will allow students to go straight from high school to employment at Falling Waters Farm.