Board focuses on budget

Friday, August 11, 2006

Following its regular business meeting, the Bainbridge Town Council reviewed the proposed budget for the town for 2007.

Bainbridge Clerk-Treasurer Jason Hartman handed Mike Smith and Richard Cope a stack of papers containing information on the six funds the board needed to go through. The funds are the general fund, the motor vehicle highway fund, the Economic Development Income Tax (EDIT) fund, the police continuation education funds, local road and street fund, and cumulative capital improvement fund.

According to Hartman, most towns increase their budget each year, but Bainbridge has stayed within its budget in all categories.

Hartman was wanting the board's opinion on the budgets, mainly if any changes needed to be made, so he can begin advertising the budget by Sunday, Sept. 10.

Under the general fund, which is the most flexible budget the board has, gasoline was increased to accommodate for the high gas prices and an internet budget has been added. This budget will pay for any upgrades in internet and for all internet usage.

Motor vehicle highway budget is the second highest budget the town has. All of the employee wages and law enforcement wages are on it.

The end total for both the general fund and for the motor vehicle highway fund was the same as last year.

Cope said he was very happy with the way the budget was looking. "You won't get me to raise the budget," he said.

The board approved the pre-adoption of the budget by a vote of 2-0. The budget will be advertised for the residents to see.

If the residents have any questions regarding the budget, there will be a public hearing in regards to the budget before Wednesday, Sept. 20.

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