DePauw seniors feted as champions

Wednesday, March 21, 2007
DePauw University women's senior basketball players (from left) Bridget Bailey, Caitlin McGonigal, Kristy Mahon and Liz Bondi react to an answer by teammate Suzy Doughty (center) during a special Gertrudge and G.D. Crain Jr. Lecture Tuesday in the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media's Watson Forum.

GREENCASTLE -- All it takes is all you've got.

That saying is what the DePauw University women's basketball team lives by. The players yell it while in huddle prior to running to the court for warm-ups.

And after a missed three-pointer Saturday, DePauw University history was made. That saying meant something more.

The DPU women's basketball squad captured the school's first-ever team championship Saturday after defeating Washington-St. Louis, 55-52, in the finals of the NCAA Division III Tournament, as Halsey Ward's three-pointer at the buzzer was off the mark.

On Tuesday, the entire team, along with several fans, relived the moment in the Pulliam Center for Contemporary Media's Watson Forum during a special Gertrude and G.D. Crain Jr. Lecture titled, "In a class of their own: The DePauw Women's Basketball Team." The event featured the five senior players of the team, including Liz Bondi, Suzy Doughty, Caitlin McGonigal, Bridget Bailey and Kristy Mahon.

DePauw faculty member Ken Bode emceed the event, pacing the floor like Oprah Winfrey asking questions to the team's five seniors and various audience members.

The squad was treated to a standing ovation while entering the room and before Bode began the presentation, fans were treated to footage of the game.

Bode then introduced the five seniors on the squad, fumbling over their names as the crowd listened intently to the champions.

Bode asked Bondi what was going on in her mind as DePauw's early lead in the game started to slip away.

"I think we still felt like we could pull away," Bondi responded.

"I was not worried," Doughty added.

Bode then asked what Depauw coach Kris Huffman told the players during a timeout late in the contest.

"Beep, beep, beep," Doughty said, eluding to the possibility of profanities being used while drawing laughter from the capacity crowd.

DePauw President Robert Bottoms was then given the audience microphone and expressed how pleased the university was with the team.

"You don't have any idea how proud you've made us," Bottoms said.

One audience member asked the team why it all come together this year after years of being so close to winning a championship.

"I think we just felt like this year, it was a special team," McGonigal said. "We had great team chemistry."

"From the point of a fan, we have had a great ride this year," Bode said. "We're going to miss you seniors."

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