Updated bowling league standings released

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Alex Alleys has released the standings for 10 of its leagues as of Friday, Sept. 21.

Collier Pee Wee Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Dixie Chopper Gators111
VFW Frogs102
Haltom Electric Chargers84
Gayla Schroeder Tigers84
Mark Frisbie Flyers84
VFW Vipers48
Hopkins Rector Raptors48
Collier Kangaroos39

High female scratch game -- Jalyn Duff 83

High female scratch series -- Jalyn Duff 160

High male scratch game -- Josh Mienheartt 78

High male scratch series -- Josh Mienheartt 152

W.O.T.M. Bantam Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Dixie Chopper Dolphins120
VFW Buffaloes102
Bittles and Hurt Bats84
First National Bank Titans 84
Carpenter Real Estate84
VFW Mustangs66
Dr. Hennette Blazers66
AJ Electric Shockers66
JL Cline Jewelers Jets66
Humphries Outdoor Power 48
Brady's Bombers210
Mason Jewelers Ravens012

High female scratch game -- Britany Doolin 147

High female scratch series -- Britany Doolin 258

High male scratch game -- Ben Albright 156

High male scratch series -- Luke Brotherton 279

Eagle's Junior Youth (Saturday)

Team Wins Losses
Colliers Rattlers160
Alex Alleys142
Alexander's Masonry142
Team 13142
Bumgardner's Racing124
Hacker's Hooligans106
Sheldon's Gutterrats106
VFW Warriors88
Lucy's Ladies412
Cash Concrete412
Stones Auto Body412
Well's Yankees214
VFW Gladiators016

High female scratch game -- Alex Hyten 155

High female scratch series -- Chelsay Dickerson 422

High male scratch game -- Michael Rumley 215

High male scratch series -- Michael Rumley 587

3-D Tire & Service (Monday)

York Family Autos2812
Old Timers2614
Lawless Lawn Care2416
The Y-Nots2416
Team 82020
The Waters1624
3-D Misfits1426
Williams Body Shop 832

High team scratch game -- Old Timers 566

High team scratch series -- Old Timers 1,660

High individual game -- Janet Dickerson 173

High individual series -- Janet Dickerson 473

Men's City League (Monday)

Team WinsLosses
Little Dude Ranch3010
Ensor Electric2515
Alexander's Masonry 2119
Go Getters1822
Dixie Chopper1624
Moore's Bar1010

High team scratch game -- Dixie Chopper 912

High team scratch series -- Dixie Chopper 2,458

High individual game -- Bob Williams 233

High individual series -- Jeff Skelton 550

Alex Alleys Ladies League (Tuesday)

Max's Barber Shop3612
Farmer's Concrete, Inc.2622
Troy's Signs & Graphix2226
Bert & Betty's Bowlers2028
Settles Accounting1038

High team scratch game -- Max's Barber Shop 449

High team scratch series -- Max's Barber Shop 1,229

High individual game -- Cheryl Crawley 197

High individual series -- Cheryl Crawley 463

Automotive League (Tuesday)

Koke Sum body2416
J n' BJ's Bait n' Tackle 2416
Chuck Bond Painting 2416
Team 42416
The Big Lewbowski2416
Tucker State Farm Ins. 20 20
York Automotive2020
10 Up 10 Down1624
Team 121624
Ed's Boys1624
Git r' Done1624
Putnam Archery Sales 14 26
Alex Alleys1228

High team scratch game -- Koke Sum Body 959

High team scratch series -- Koke Sum Body 2,708

High individual game -- Jim Anderson 246

High individual series -- Monty Rader 650

Sue Cash Memorial League (Wednesday)

Team Wins Losses
Designer's Den408
Scared Strikeless3018
First National Bank3018
Family Ties2721
Perry Wainman DDS2424
Frisbie's Security2028
Bowling Moms2028
Little Brooklyn Pizza2028
Williams Trucking1434
Strahl Farm Machinery1236

High team scratch game -- Marcy's 680

High team scratch series -- Marcy's 1,932

High individual game -- Kathy Stacy 191

High individual series -- Marty Giltz 529

Bubba Crawley Memorial League (Wednesday)

Cash Concrete6630
Brad's Team6432
Alex Alleys5838
Team #53858
Team #13660
Lone Wolves3363
The Skittles3246

High team scratch game -- Alex Alleys 622

High team scratch series -- Alex Alleys 2,345

High individual game -- Walt Marshall 245

High individual series -- Walt Marshall 819

Commercial League (Thursday)

Crazy Pins3414
Bowling Juice3216
Alexander's Masonry 2820
Auto Shop2424
AJ Electric2226
Stones Body Shop2226
Sea of Bs2028
Putnam Inn1632
Payroll Express1038

High team scratch game -- Alexander's Masonry 972

High team scratch series -- Alexander's Masonry 2,756

High individual game -- Dave VonTress 275

High individual series -- Dave VonTress 738

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