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South Putnam host Eagle Medley Relays

Saturday, December 29, 2007

In a meet where the focus was more on having fun than winning, South Putnam swimming coach Joe Condon was happy with how his team performed in Friday's Eagle Medley Relays.

The event is a unscored invitational in which the kids swim less-than-conventional relays like the underwater relay, 1000-yard distance relay and individual medley relay. The invitational also features a number of coed events.

Condon thought the day was a success simply in that his kids had some fun.

"The kids get to swim some things they don't normally get to swim, and it kind of shows a little bit of team depth," Condon said. "It's for fun. I try to get as many kids involved as I can, so I've got some JV guys who are swimming with varsity kids."

The Eagles' boys' 200 breaststroke relay team was the hosts' lone winner on the day. Loren Ashcraft, Jake Gould, Cory Russell and Matt Huck combined for the winning time of 2:36.38.

"You still try to win and our kids swim hard," Condon said.

One good purpose of the meet is it gets the swimmers back in the mode of competing. Although the event does not count on the teams' records, it is competition -- something these swimmers have not seen since well before Christmas.

"It shakes a little rust off. We haven't had a meet in a couple of weeks and with the conference meet coming up next Saturday, we need to stay focused with that," Condon said. "We've been working real hard, but we're not expecting a lot out of them this week. That's why this is a real benefit for us."

Heading into the WCC meet, the coach likes what he has seen from his team.

"We ought to do well," Condon said. "I think Greencastle has to be the favorite for conference, but I think us, North Putnam, Cascade and Speedway can do good things. I think it's going to be a fun meet just to see how we can compete."

The WCC meet will be at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 5 at the DePauw Natatorium.

At South Putnam

Eagle Medley Relays

Coed 200 Medley Relay -- Speedway 2:05.23, Cascade 2:06.93, West Vigo 2:10.87, South Putnam (S. Tomasino, J. York, C. Russell, C. Becker), South Putnam Exhibition (S. New, C. Warren, M. Huck, C. McKinney) 2:19.25

Girls' 200 Backstroke Relay -- Cascade 2:24.90, West Vigo 2:34.54, South Putnam (A. Lund, J. Carmichael, S. New, S. Tomasino) 2:40.34

Boys' 200 Backstroke Relay -- West Vigo 2:10.19, Speedway 2:12.70, South Putnam (R. Arnold, T. Butts, A. Whitman, D. Grundlock), Cascade 2:32.01

Girls' 200 Breaststroke Relay -- Cascade 2:43.00, South Putnam (C. Warren, K. Sherwood, B. Cox, J. York) 2:51.92, Speedway 2:53.29, West Vigo 3:23.63

Boys' 200 Breaststroke Relay -- South Putnam (L. Ashcraft, J. Gould, C. Russell, M. Huck) 2:36.38, Cascade 2:39.63, West Vigo 2:54.78

Coed 1,000 Distance Relay -- Speedway 12:20.40, South Putnam (E. Gilley, T. Arnold, A. Whitman, C. Smiley) 12:47.13, Cascade 13:15.02, West Vigo 15:04, South Putnam Exhibition (C. McKinney, A. Kelly, A. Davies, S. Bowen) 14:15.41

Diving -- West Vigo 172.65, Souht Putnam (S. Johnston, A. Lollar) 152.00, Cascade 150.90, Speedway 113.25

Girls' 400 IM Relay -- Cascade 5:29.07, West Vigo 5:41.05, South Putnam (B. Cox, K. Sherwood, J. York, C. Warren) 5:52.07

Boys' 400 IM Relay -- Speedway 4:42.15, South Putnam (L. Ashcraft, C. Becker, M. Huck, C. Russell) 4:47, West Vigo 5:12.97, Cascade 5:25.71

Girls' 100 Underwater Relay -- Speedway 1;09.84, Cascade 1:16.84, West Vigo 1:25.17, South Putnam (T. Arnold, A. Lund, B. Cox, K. Sherwood) 1:27.50

Boys' 100 Underwater Relay -- Cascade 1:02.01, South Putnam (A. Davies, J. Gould, C. McKinney, C. Smiley) 1:07.81, Speedway 1:07.97, West Vigo 1:09.91

Girls' 200 Butterfly Relay -- Speedway 2:21.84, Cascade 2:26.03, South Putnam (A. Lund, B. Cox, C. Warren, K. Sherwood) 2:33.73, West Vigo 2?43.39

Boys' 200 Butterfly Relay -- Cascade 2:00.98, West Vigo 2:12, South Putnam (C. Russell, M. Huck, J. Gould, D. Grundlock) 2:22.04

Coed Sprint Crescendo Relay -- Cascade 4:27.11, South Putnam (A. Lund, S. Tomasino, T. Arnold, C. Becker, C. Smiley, L. Ashcraft) 4:40, Speedway 4:41.38, West Vigo 4:57.65, South Putnam Exhibition (J. Carmichael, S. New, E. Gilley, A. Davies, C. McKinney, S. Arnold) 5:15.64

Next meet -- South Putnam will travel to the WCC meet at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 5 at DePauw.

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