Letter to the Editor

Women of Putnam County wanted

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

To the Editor:

Courage ... confidence ... character! These three words are the building blocks of today's Girl Scout program. Once thought of strictly as an organization of girls who just sell "cookies", Girl Scouts is now an organization with many more layers. We still sell cookies, but we also try to instill courage, confidence and character in today's girls. Leadership and community service are now taking a seat above just "having fun" and selling "cookies"!

Currently in Putnam County we have 453 girls and adults involved in the local scouting world. However, we also have 56 girls on a waiting list. Why a waiting list, you ask? Because we are lacking enough adult leadership to have troops to put these girls into.

Girl Scouts needs women of Putnam County to volunteer to lead troops. You don't even have to have a daughter in scouts to volunteer. You could be a mom or an aunt or a grandma or just someone who loves children. Training is provided, all you need is the desire to have fun and the motivation to help girls of Putnam County develop Courage, Confidence and Character while making the world a better place.

Won't you please consider investing some time in our youth?? For more information please contact the local Service Unit Manager, Katrina Asher at 522-1571 or our event coordinatorMelanie Welker at 653-2638. Please give us a call to join the scouting family. We'd love to have you.

Katrina Asher and

Melanie Welker,

Northern Putnam Girl Scouts