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Vandalism closes skate park

Friday, April 4, 2008

Park employee Dave Bault cleans up the mess.
The skate park at Robe-Ann Park, Greencastle, is closed until at least next Monday, April 7 according to Park Superintendent Rod Weinschenk.

"Sometime last night vandals tagged the skate park with graffiti and stickers from TOC Skate Shop in Terre Haute," reported Greencastle Police Department Detective Randy Seipel to the BannerGraphic.

Flyers and stickers from TOC Skate Shop were plastered in several areas of the arena along with spray painted symbols and a large signature line saying "Ink Sons rule" in the large bowl.

Vandals left their "tag" in the large bowl at the Skate Park in Robe Ann Park Wednesday night. The areas were spray-painted with a large graffiti mark saying "Ink Sons Rule."
A graffiti writer's tag is his or her personalized signature. "Tagging" is often the example given graffiti when referring to it as vandalism.

Detective Seipel and GPD are looking into the incident and believe the vandals could be from Terre Haute. The investigation is under way.

Weinschenk is not sure if the perpetrators are local or out of county. Regardless of where they are from, he wants it understood that skate park officials will not tolerate vandalism and they intend to find whoever is responsible.

"We get occasional graffiti but have never had anything as extensive as this," he told the BannerGraphic. "Whoever did this left a very definite mark and it will show up somewhere," he claimed.

Park Department workers were already cleaning up the area Thursday morning. Detective Seipel thought a work crew from the jail may help.

"It's going to be a big job to clean it all up," he stated.

Anyone with any information about this incident should contact Detective Seipel at the Greencastle Police Department.

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The people using the skate park have forced the people who use the shelterhouse beside it out. The park officials choose to run out the civil people instead of the trouble makers that use the skate park. Perhaps this is a sign that the skate park was a misstake to build in the first place.

-- Posted by Hazel on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 5:46 AM

I took our son and nephew to this park only twice. Our first visit amazed me at how talented some kids were on skateboards. This was overshadowed by the behavior of the other 96% of the kids who showed up (unsupervised). The language and disrespect forced us to leave. Our son talked me into taking him again, hoping it was just a one time bad experience. Wrong. Again there was foul language, littering, smoking by minors, bullying and so forth. We left after about 3 minutes. It's too bad for the kids who do enjoy this park but the abuse is too much. Close it indefintely and keep the punks somewhere else.

-- Posted by strings on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 6:28 AM

It's sad to see things like this happen, when GC tries to do something for the kids they take advantage of it. I do believe their are those who use the park in respect, then again I know when I used the park those of us who respected all who used it hated a certain crowd that would hang out in the shelter daily with their drugs,etc.

-- Posted by Zionsville317 on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 7:22 AM

Seriously, I cannot believe how ignorant people in this community are towards different activities. Yes, there are always some bad apples in every sport - look at basketball and football and baseball - really "great" role models there with the felonies and drug use that surrounds those sports, too. But once something bad happens at the skatepark, everyone starts yelling for it to be filled in. I am a college educated, professional, strong Christian mother who has already started teaching my 2yr old how to skateboard (the mountains are too far away to get him on a snowboard). I cannot wait until my son is able to skate without my assistance. But what you guys are all asking for is just a band-aid. Taking something away because a few kids are acting like idiots is not the answer. Unfortunately these bad apples probably have not had much of an example to follow at home, but why does my son have to lose the skatepark because of them. Follow the example of Plainfield and specify hours for certain ages and bikes versus skateboards, and make sure their is supervision. Its not really complicated. But please, quit lumping all skateboarders into one group and marking them all up as convicts. The entire youth group at my church are skateboarders, and they are some of the most amazing kids I know, constantly on mission trips and setting good examples around this county.

-- Posted by snowboardermom on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 8:37 AM

Basketball, baseball and football activities in our areas are sponsored supervised sports. The skatepark is unsupervised and can't be supervised without paying someone to be there and insure that liability.

To achieve a more disciplined skatepark area, maybe one should privately purchase the park and charge a membership to have access to such a privilege.

Personally I think that there are only a few positive role models (maybe 3) in pro sports and have no comparison to the problem in the skatepark. This vandalism is only a new beginning in the problems upcoming there. It is a sad event for parents like snowboardermom.

-- Posted by Xgamer on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 9:09 AM

So what you're saying is forget the kids that don't play organized sports because they don't deserve an outlet for their activities. Yes, let's charge outrageous fees just like those that need to be paid to play little league and soccer and all school sponsored sports. Kids that can't afford it don't get to participate. If that is what "sponsored" means, then its selective sponsoring. No wonder so many of the kids on the outside of the popular and jock circles have a hard time fitting in when it comes to school. Adults are just to willing to kick these kids to the side because they're different, or have less money and don't fit society's mold for what is accepted. These kids have a hard enough time dealing with kids picking on them for their clothes and ideas. When are the adults going to support them, too?

-- Posted by snowboardermom on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 9:33 AM

We have had the skatepark now for some years and I am surprised that this hasn't happened before this. I'm sure that the comments by "strings" are true, because I have driven by the park and seen some very unsavory characters hanging out there. I don't know what the answer is, but I can guarantee that the hoodlums will continue to frequent the skatepark.

-- Posted by not gullible on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 9:34 AM

The skate park is a breeding ground for trouble. A few bad apples can spoil the bunch. I think that implementing video monitoring of all of the park would be a good use of some tax dollars. It would offer a deterrent for crime to go elsewhere and would aid law enforcement in monitoring the activities going on.

-- Posted by jorge on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 11:33 AM

I have to wonder where the parents are when their kids are out in the middle of the night being destructive?

I think most of the kids that are involved in skateboarding and such are involved with their parents and have some guidance. Punishing these kids for hooligans actions is not the answer.

How do we know the offenders weren't some "great basketball jocks or football jocks" whose parents have taught them to judge kids because they enjoy doing something besides your "sponsored supervised sport"?

And isn't XGames sponsored?

-- Posted by curious34 on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 12:10 PM

Is it time to shut down the skate park? It is a shame for the good kids that appreciate the park and skating.

-- Posted by GRNT on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 12:11 PM

I agree entirely with snowboardermom.

Quit stereotyping skateboarding.

Smaller_gov_now....you could be one of the most ignorant person in putnam county, and their are alot of you out there. Skateboarding is NOT about anarchy and disrespecting others. Its about having fun, and enjoying something different. Maybe they do need to have supervision. But calling a group of kids degenerates is shady. I'm sure 3/4 of the kids are more intelligent than you are. You need to think before you stereotype people.

-- Posted by a_chanel15 on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 12:24 PM

I'm glad to see that most of the people who post on here are IDIOTS! Yes IDIOTS. With exception of a few. The Skate Park is a good thing for the community. Take it away and everyone will skate the streets and make you mad. You all Stereotype the people who go to the skate park. You probably do not know any of them personally, so who are you to judge.

In response to the person who says the kids took over the shelter house is wrong. The wannabe gangsters of Greencastle hang out there and cause trouble. It is used by the skate park kids as a place to sit down and take a break.

I am going to have to agree with the fact that smaller_gov_now is the most unintelligent person in the town. You act like it was the skate park kids that tore up their own home. That's ridiculous just like your comments.

-- Posted by Jtez33 on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 1:18 PM

Closing the skatepark isn't the answer, the answer is place an attendent in charge. Plainfield does and they have a nice clean, well mannered park. There should be an attendent, scheduled hours, and locked at all other times. Plainfield has an attendent on duty, they have a well ran clean, well maintained park which brings in enough revenue to pay the attendent. Sometimes rules are anything but fun but in is quite apparent they are needed and enforced.

-- Posted by Trying hard on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 2:24 PM

I cannot belive someone actually says they have SEEN unsavory people. Really? In this day and age, you are that small? I am a teacher, and some of my best, most productive, and respectful students are probably ones you would categorize as "unsavory" because they do not conform to some status quo set by...whom? It's the job of kids to question authority, to find themselves, and to push the limits. It is our job, as adults, to encourage them to become comfortable with themselves, so that when they encounter small-minded people, they may still feel important and worthwhile and HUMAN despite others' condemnations.

-- Posted by diaspora on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 3:02 PM

I can go to WAR and fight for my COUNTRY

I have RIGHT to Bare ARMS and Kill if Needed

But i Can not SKATE on PUBLIC property!!!!!

This town you never cease to amaze me you are always complaining about something now that the skatepark was tagged you wanna talk trash and bring us down...

I got news for all you Trash Talkers You can not BRING ME DOWN for years i struggled as a skateboarder here in GC with all your stereotypes and no skateboarding here im calling the cops your mean and disgusted looks like we are some kind of dead beats.

I made this usless wooden toy my life and have traveled to more places and have seen more things than any of you may ever get to see go or do..I have met so many people of different cultures and race...and still plan on doing for as long as my body will let me...

I bet you could not even seperate us from your so called skateboarders ran us out of our shelter...whatever Try Harder to see who and what and whom are pointing the blame on.

It probably was not even skateboarders who tagged the bowl and it most likely after hours cause every skateboarder wouyld say something or call the cops when stuff like that is happening...

That is our Facility we worked hard to raise the funds for that GC did nothing it was the SKATEBOARDERS BMX'rs Rollerbladers Kids Friends Families and of Course Rod backing us 100% I think that GC moved a Utility pole for us and allowed to use the nast overgrown landfill of a Volleyball area...I worked Closely with the Skatepark comittee and Designers and was even out there in the middle of winter with a SHOVEL digging and Digging by hand...there were no city workers out there that i am aware of nor the likes of you trash talkers...

I am sorry to those who do bring there Kids and are offended by the harsh language and decisions that soem make or have made at the Skatepark... but you do have that everywhere.....Media, Softball Games at the Pool and whatever and wherever...yes its not supposed to be happening but it does...

So I know the Park will not be open this weekend thats a shame it is supposed to be a gorgeous one...People from outta town and the townies will be there to find it shut down...where to go now over the fence to be ticketed for skateboaring in a skateboard park hahaha or in PACKS all thru the streets of GC...im sure i will be somewhere...


-- Posted by BLEEDSKATEBOARDING on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 3:34 PM

You Can't Supervise us Just like you Can't supervise the Swings and Playground, Basketball and tennis courts..The insurance does not cover that...I mean if you would like to come hang out unpaid and try to weed and Point call the cops on those who are doing these things feel free...maybe you can stay all night and watch it after hours when we all go home...I DUNNO i am so angry at all these People with there negative opinions and Hate towards people they don't even know...

-- Posted by BLEEDSKATEBOARDING on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 3:38 PM

I work for a respectable company and there are great, responsible employees that skateboard to and from work. I'm sure they go out and skate in their free time but it is not right in this day and age to be so close-minded and judge everything before understand everything.

People are just afraid of what they don't understand (or know).

-- Posted by indtonyc on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 4:59 PM


I appreciate your passion for the sport of skateboarding. Sadly, you clearly do not share an equal passion for the english language as your posts are very difficult to read.

-- Posted by johndoeleen on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 5:37 PM


Im Sorry, Maybe think of it not as typing, but as a way you may hear someone speak to you. It is not a Passion, It is a way of LIFE. However the Issues are the Trash Talking of Skateboarders, the Skatepark and The Closing of...

-- Posted by BLEEDSKATEBOARDING on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 6:06 PM

Hey everyone.

I am starting a blog on the skatepark. If you want, stop by and give your honest opinion on the park. I will be using it to write a response paper as a component for my research project.


-- Posted by a_chanel15 on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 6:26 PM

The ones Who vandalized the park are the ones who don'r know how to stay on the board.......Jealous!

-- Posted by sad_but_true on Fri, Apr 4, 2008, at 6:51 PM

snowboardermom, that is not what I'm saying at all. My point is that leaving the park open and unsupervised leads to the behavior that strings mentioned. Look at unsupervised basketball courts- the rims are double welded and have chained nets because of vandals. Are bases and equipment left on a baseball field? No, because someone will trash it! That is what leads to our supervised ball sports. Those sports aren't sponsered enough because it leaves out those who can't pay. Those who can pay are sitting on the bench if they aren't star quality players, and the adults are the ones who get out of hand at games.

My comment about paying a membership to skate is half sarcasm, half truth. A lot of money has been spent to provide this opportunity for kids. I haven't read any stories printed in the Banner about unruly behavior until the shelter issue and now this "tagging". We all know there is more bad behavior than good going on amongst the skaters and that will lead to the "good" skaters losing the park too.

-- Posted by Xgamer on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 3:04 AM

I re-read my comments and can't find where I have stereotyped skaters. I applaud the abilities of the skateboarders and snowboarders. I honestly believe those talented skaters also have the talent to throw a spiral to a moving target and pitch a fastball to an 18" by 24" strike zone, as well as doing their kick-flip backside-fakey toe slide 360 ollie grind whatevers.

The things they do are so amazing, they appear to defy physics and all laws of gravity. My personal opinion, these kids have talents above any ball-sports stars.

Having said that, skaters still have a long way to go to win the respect of a community with a long tradition of worshipping the hoop game. You won't get what you deserve without support of the community behind you. The community won't support you skaters with "punks" giving skating a black eye. This "tagging" led to closing the park while being cleaned up. If this happened to the High School gym floor, there probably would have been a huge police investigation until someone was arrested. The public opinion of the skatepark could use some changing to get that kind of support.

My advice (though you didn't ask for it) is to police yourselves, encourage each other to keep your park clean, smoke free, violence free, make it a welcome area to all kids and adults. Discourage all those who wish to disrespect it with stupid behavior and foul language, then see how you are stereotyped.

-- Posted by Xgamer on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 3:42 AM

How can someone drive by the skatepark and see "unsavory" characters? These kids all dress alike...all look alike...what defines unsavory? I knew GC was full of small minded people but some thinking borders on dangerous. It is dangerous to be so judgemental of others...just because they don't look like you,think like you or act like you doesn't make them bad kids.

-- Posted by citizenoftheworld on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 6:19 AM

Stero-typing people isn't what most people are trying to do in this little exchange of thoughts and ideals. I believe what I see here is there is a smaller number of trouble makers at the Skate-Park and in alot of cases they aren't even there to skate. I have seen kids walk there without skates or boards go inside the fence, light up and smoke, use foul language, and at times bully the smaller kids trying to use the park for it's purpose. I have told the kids not to swear, smoking is't allowed and it fell on deaf ears. The present Park personal seems not to care, mothers have reported this behavior to the Park Supervisor and nothing changes. I have seen cars with Terre Haute, Gary, Cloumbus, Bloomington and several other county plates on their cars. I have seen these kids get out of there cars and the first words from their mouths and four lettered. As I stated earlier it is time to try a paid attendent and if that doesn't work close the skatepark. And if you can't be supervised then its time to Bar you from the park. This should apply to every part of the park, Basketball, Tennis, Ball Diamond, Pool,Play Grounds and even the grassie areas. If you can't be supervised why would you be proud of that?

-- Posted by Trying hard on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 9:32 AM

Kids are unsupervised at the park everyday and they are not all at the skatepark.I have witnessed the same behavior at the Castle playground by parents no less.Should they be banned? If kids are banned (or barred as stated previously) from the park who is available to ensure that they those banned don't return to the park? I doubt there are funds for a paid attendant even if there were could he/she possibly cover the whole park area? The skate park is not the problem and banning is not the solution.

-- Posted by citizenoftheworld on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 9:47 AM

"gangsters" who hang out in the shelter give the park and MOST of the kids who use it in respect a bad name......why must people think bad of this group when we have the GC sports teams messed up on pills and other drugs....not that all of them do ...just another case of a few bad apples spoil the tree..

-- Posted by Zionsville317 on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 9:59 AM

Actually, if we allowed anyone to come out and "tag" or just paint the ramps and dip things (i dont know what they are called)it would look pretty cool. Several museums have graffiti exhibits up and it's actually pretty neat.

-- Posted by indtonyc on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 11:43 AM

If a admission charge would be applied there would be funds for the Attendent. they would then supervise the Skate Park, the full time Park personal should be able to take care of the playgrounds. Plainfield has had admission and a paid Attendent since they opened and they do not have the problems Greencastle experiences

-- Posted by Trying hard on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 1:01 PM

The GHS Sports teams go way beyond the reported drinking and drug problem. Some automaticly get a pass from the testing simply because of who their parents are, and you are right they are no better than the skaters, they are simply more readily accepted.

-- Posted by Trying hard on Sat, Apr 5, 2008, at 5:10 PM

okay ... 1 not all skaters are trouble makers, thats the equivilent to saying everyone one who lives on 38th street in Indy is a gang banger and a whore. and 2...it gives it character. as long as the grafiti isn't offensive what's the big deal? it's art. get over it.

-- Posted by climberguy on Wed, Apr 9, 2008, at 9:04 AM

To answer you question smaller_gov, a handful. I have interviewed numerous skaters for my research project and they have all said they would help to get the park back. The actual skaters are there to USE the park, not abuse it. The ones who are abusing it and wrecking havoc are the ones who don't even skate. They go there to sit on their butts smoking cigarettes and trying to pick fights. Those are the kids who are running people out of the shelter house, cussing at the top of their lungs, and offering drugs to younger kids. Believe me, I've witnessed it.

-- Posted by a_chanel15 on Thu, Apr 10, 2008, at 12:59 PM

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