Quilters donate works to help fight cancer

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Inside a quaint log cabin at Heritage Lake surrounded by blooming lilac bushes, dancing yellow daffodils and majestic trees sit six ladies laughing and chattering as they sew together.

Everyone in the group is an avid quilter working on several projects for friends, family and good causes. This particular day they are gathered to box up 10 "art" quilts that they have made to help raise money to grant final wishes for terminal breast cancer patients.

Marianne Ash, whose house they are at, heard about the program and took the idea to her quilters group. All six women agreed they wanted to work on the quilts.

A group of quilters from Heritage Lake look over their 10 art quilts before sending them to be used as a fundraiser for the Breast Cancer Foundation's Making Memories program. Pictured are Quilters Against Breast Cancer members Sheila Lindsey, Pat Reiva, Marie Goins, Linda Johnson, Marianne Ash and Eileen Rivers.

Eileen Rivers, Linda Johnson, Marianne Ash, Sheila Lindsey, Marie Goins and Pat Reiva gathered together every month to work on projects.

Ash contacted the Quilters Against Breast Cancer organization last September. The women received a box from the foundation that included beads, embellishments and fabric rescued from 6-12 quilt-quality wedding gowns with enough material to create one queen-size quilt or 10 art quilts.

Other than returning a completed quilt or quilts there are no restrictions.

The women were able to create their own inspired works from the beautiful lace and beads.

When asked why they wanted to do this project, the ladies simply said it was a good cause and would help people.

Now that they are finished, the quilts will be sent back to the organization to be used by Making Memories in their traveling exhibit, or sold to raise funds to grant a final wish to a terminal breast cancer patient.

The group of quilters assumes all expenses for additional supplies, such as batting, fabric, thread and notions.

Although these women have finished the ten quilts for Making Memories, they do have other projects.

They are creating a quilt for an opportunity drawing at Heritage Lake to kick off a fund drive to raise money to improve the 30 year-old swimming pool at the Clubhouse.

The ladies have several large squares that will be embroidered before being pieced together into a quilt. Other people are helping with the embroidery. When it is completed they will auction it off or sell it.

Sheila Lindsey has another quilt created for a special family member that is nearly complete. It is a surprise so she couldn't give a lot of details yet.

Rosemarie Smith, also from Heritage Lake was so impressed by her friend Marianne Ash and the work the women had done on the quilts she wanted others to see it.

Anyone interested in this program can contact the organization at www.makingmemmories.org or by calling 817-485-7502.

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