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Courthouse roof repairs delayed

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Putnam County Commissioners have delayed action on scheduled repairs to the roof of the courthouse, pending further review.

At their Monday nigh meeting, commissioners Gene Beck and Jim Baird (commissioner Kristina Warren was absent) agreed that they wanted more time to think about how repairs to the courthouse roof should be done before moving forward with the project.

The commissioners were being asked to approve a contract with Pyramid Architecture/Engineering and Construction Co. to oversee the revamping of the courthouse roof and other upgrades which the commissioners are looking to complete as soon as possible. They decided not to approve the contract but rather consider it at their next monthly meeting, which takes place in two weeks.

The commissioners also have not yet put the project out to bids.

The concern of the two commissioners at Monday night's meeting centered on drainage of the roof. Currently, rain on the roof is collected and drained through piping that runs inside the courthouse. With the age of the system, it has led to leaks, which is something the commissioners want to eliminate.

"I don't see any sense in spending that kind of money (to repair the current drainage system) and three or four years down the road, you're going to have the same problem," Commissioner Beck said.

Commissioner Baird said Monday that he would like to see what it would take to install downspouts on the outside of the courthouse in order to eliminate the current drain system.

There are two main concerns with this approach, however: The first one has to do with the aesthetics of the building. How will the downspouts look running down the outside of the courthouse?

The second issue involved the 2-foot ledge that goes all the way around the top of the courthouse. In order to install downspouts, workers would have to cut through this limestone ledge, which is a cause for concern given the age of the limestone. Might the limestone crumble if workers try to cut holes in it?

These are the questions that have the commissioners delaying their decision to move forward with the project.

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