Purple wins minor league Super Bowl

Monday, November 3, 2008
Members of the Greencastle Purple minor league team include (front, from left) Jaylen York, Josh Peckenpaugh, Colin York, Matthew Workman, Trae Carrington, Brandon Workman, Daniel Williams, Abraham Wade, Evan Crowe, Jesse Anderson, (middle) Justus Barger, Blaise Hasty, Devin Clar, Duke Duff, Adrian Peters, Brett Poynter, Cade Winslow, Lucas Nevins, Braden Lady, (back) assistant coach Keith Wade, assistant coach Jason Crowe, head coach Matt Helmer and assistant coach Jeff Poynter.

MONROVIA --A caravan of more than 30 cars followed Greencastle Purple minor league team to Monrovia to watch them cap off a perfect season Sunday afternoon, beating Monrovia 12-6 in overtime and finishing the season, 13-0, undefeated and a Super Bowl Championship for Greencastle Youth Football.

Greencastle scored in the first quarter on a Josh Peckenpaugh run to jump out 6-0 and held the lead until half as both teams battled back and forth.

Monrovia came out hot in the second half and quickly tied it up 6-6.

Both teams fought hard all the way into the fourth quarter.

The Greencastle defense was able to hold Monrovia and get the ball back to see if they could end the game. Devin Clar broke loose for a 60-yard run and Greencastle was able to get as close as the four-yard line before turning the ball over to Monrovia on downs.

Monrovia took control of the ball with 35 seconds to go in regulation and moved it about 25 yards before time expired sending the game into overtime.

Greencastle won the toss and was to get the ball first. The overtime is played in much the same way as college football where each team starts with the ball on the 10-yard line and has four chances to put it in the end zone.

Greencastle wasted no time in getting right to work. Josh Peckenpaugh took the handoff from Duke Duff and ran the first play into the corner of the end zone to give Purple a 12-6 lead.

Greencastle was unable to convert the extra point so it was now time to see if Monrovia could answer. Monrovia's first attempt went right up the gut for a six-yard gain and it stood second and 4 yards to go to tie.

The Greencastle defense left it all on the field the next three plays. Monrovia advanced the ball to less than a yard away from the touchdown on fourth down. As the snap came, the Purple defense did what it had done all year and that was to step up and make the goal line stand of their young careers.

Monrovia was unable to get it into the end zone and Greencastle came away with a victory to win the youth football Super Bowl. Both teams fought very hard and should be congratulated for a very good football game and an outstanding season.

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