Letter to the Editor

Another side to the God argument

Friday, January 9, 2009

To the Editor:

In response to Paula Huebner: Who is this god you speak of? The god who allows tens of thousands to die in "natural disasters" yearly? Watches as thousands die daily due to war, crime, poor medical care, shootings, beatings and I could on and on?

Yet every disaster, someone says "thank god."

I find this sad.

This country was founded to keep religion from having too much power. I don't believe in magic spells or fairytales. To say I should leave because I don't agree with your views, well, that kind of intolerance is what leads to conflict.

Billions have died through history trying to push or defend a religious view. I find that fact alone enough to convince me there is either no god or one that is at best passive.

Steve Farrow