Letter to the Editor

Yet another God argument

Friday, January 30, 2009

To the Editor:

I am not sad. I have done research. I'm actually happy and rational.

I composed three letters, all with a different line of thought as to an answer to beauty... My own search for answers, speaking to people of different followings, science and evolution.

Time and space prohibit expanding fully.

I quickly understood the writer and I would probably not agree on much of anything.

The only answer the writer gives is the rationalization of events. If you accept the good you must also accept the bad.

The writer says if we were all Christians the world would be better. This is once again the reason for most conflicts. To suggest I need only study more to be informed is a simplistic view of myself and the complex world we live in.

I do admire your faith. I sometimes wish I could accept without question. I cannot.

Intelligence can be defined as patterns in chaos.

Life is just that. You choose to believe this is god. All is see are patterns.

You believe history starts with man. I believe it starts with the formation of the universe. You believe this timeline is the same. I do not.

You believe god is everywhere. I see no pattern.

Steve Farrow