Letter to the Editor

Chorus appreciated opportunities to sing

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To the Editor:

On behalf of the women of Covered Bridge Country Chorus (CBCC), we would like to thank all those who contacted us to sing for all sorts of valentines.

We sang for a teacher in front of her class, a boss who went along with the joke from his co-workers, and an eighth grade girl who cried as we sang the songs sent by her daddy. We sang at sorority houses which included an anonymous valentine/birthday surprise and another that came from a boyfriend to his girlfriend in the midst of her sorority sisters.

We sang in homes from husband to wife and wife to husband. We sang at the Fairway restaurant to a waitress who was still working her shift, at the courthouse, and at Mill Pond Health Campus where a daughter shared her valentine with her mother and all three dining rooms full of her mother's friends.

We are glad to share in all of these valentines. Singing valentines are as much a gift that we present as they are a gift for us to see the faces of surprise, enjoyment, endearment, and love that transpires.

We especially would like to thank the two ladies in the floral department at Kroger, Thelma and Sharon, who kept us supplied with roses even when we called to get one more at the last minute.

We enjoy singing throughout the year for all kinds of events, but we especially enjoy singing around Valentine's Day for sweethearts, lovers, family members, and friends.

Maybe we will sing for you next Valentine's Day!

Denise Thede

CBCC Singing Valentine Coordinator