Letter to the Editor

Thanks to a kind-hearted professional

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

To the editor:

There is not much good that comes from a house fire.

There is loss of property, valued memories and sense of security.

But last night I saw something inspiring.

I work for Operation Life, and we responded for medical coverage at a house fire. After the fire was put out we were requested to come up near the house, where we were asked to help with a family cat that was found inside.

We provided some basic care, but our knowledge of how to properly care for a cat was limited.

So we looked to contact a veterinarian to get some advice on how to best manage the situation.

Jason Huff of West Central Veterinarian Services was contacted, and he gave me some suggestions, and then offered to come to the scene and assist. The family welcomed this request, and Mr. Huff came from his home and rendered care for the cat and then took the cat to his office for some extended care.

He did all of this after normal hours, not for a financial gain, but because of his genuine concern for the animal and for the people of his community.

Thank you, Mr. Huff, for being a bright spot in this family's dark night. I was fortunate to have been a witness.

Sheri Moore