Letter to the Editor

Little things mean a lot

Friday, September 25, 2009

To the Editor:

I just must write you and praise and thank the wonderful, thoughtful, considerate citizens of your city, Greencastle, Indiana, and surrounding area.

A friend and I had traveled from Ottawa, Ill. to Greencastle, Indiana for the funeral of a very dear, Christian sister's funeral there in Greencastle. Her name was Mrs. Mary Ellen Glidewell.

The funeral was held Tuesday, June 23, 2009. I got to know Mary Ellen as her daughter and family live here in Ottawa and we attend the same church. Mary Ellen spent the last few years in Ottawa so that she could be near her daughter and family, and had most recently left Ottawa to spend her last few months with her son in Fort Wayne.

I was so grateful to be able to make this trip to celebrate the life she lived there in Greencastle.

After the funeral, we made our way to the Cloverdale Cemetery. I was, to say the least, taken aback by the kindness of your residents as the funeral procession passed.

Everyone stopped, even cyclists.

Every vehicle pulled to the side of the road and waited for us to pass them by.

I know that while Mary Ellen was a much-loved lady in that town, most, probably none, of them knew her. It was respect that led them to do so.

We remarked how that just does not happen very often.

Then the most unusual thing happened as we got to the junction or U.S. 231/S.R. 43 and National Road.

There happened to be workers in the opposite lane. As we approached, the workers stopped their work, stood back, removed their hardhats, and some even placed their hats over their hearts.

At that point, tears came to my eyes. Again, they did not know her, but it was one thing in her life that they did it for respect. The respect, love and concern shown to her that day will forever be in my heart.

I have personally made it a practice to do as those residents did, but I am sure that each time I see a procession I will stop and pull over. What a huge thing we can do for one another.

It is an unselfish, respectful, considerate and loving thing to do for one another. So little does mean so much.

Thank you for allowing me to thank you all, and I am quite sure that is just a practice that happens all the time in your area. May all who see a procession always stop and pull over.

Many blessings to each of you.

Fran Hess

Ottawa, Ill.