Letter to the Editor

Is President Obama too powerful?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

To the Editor:

I think it has been Obama's lifetime ambition to rule America as an autocrat or lifetime ruler such as Castro.

But first he had to be elected president, which he was. His next ambition was to turn America into a Communist nation. He has his Russian-type politibureau set up with his czars.

His biggest problem is the armed citizens.

He doesn't think that will be a problem. He will issue a presidential executive order disarming the public, and then issue another executive order making him president for life.

These things aren't possible, but my guess is he has thought about it. One thing is for sure: The American people wouldn't stand for it. One person in six who voted for him wouldn't do it again.

He is so far to the left he can't use his right arm.

Dale Covert