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Updated GGUSBC Bowling standings

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

GGUSBC Standings

(As of 3/23/10)

Sue Cash Memorial (Wednesday)

Family Ties14793
Dixie Chopper Air128112
Designer's Den121119
Abstract and Title119121
Williams Trucking118122
The Whole Fam Damily117123
Perry Wainman, DDS117123
Rock n Bowl108132
Bowling Moms95145

High team scratch score -- Family Ties 639

High team scratch series -- Family Ties 1,891

High individual game -- Lya Crawley 220

High individual series -- Lya Crawley 577

City League (Monday)

Little Dude Ranch14991
The Y-Nots126114
The Waters123117
The Smiling Bobs122118
Go Getters118122
York Automotive117123
Fair & Square Constr.111129
Moore's Bar94146

High team scratch score -- The Smiling Bobs 961

High team scratch series -- Little Dude Ranch 2,580

High individual game -- Brian Moell 250

High individual series -- Brian Moell 604

Commercial (Thursday)

Spack Daddy's Homies13193
Donald's Rusty Fishooks13094
Mikey's Tobacco Shop13094
Muffler Connection120104
Alexander's Masonry118106
Putnam Inn116108
Team 7101123
Stone's Body Shop98126

High team scratch score -- Alexander's Masonry 919

High team scratch series -- Alexander's Masonry 2,730

High individual game -- Scott Alexander 216

High individual series -- Scott Alexander 621

Collier's Pee Wee Youth (Saturday)

Dr. Boatright, DDS10638
Moose #15929054
Pappa Collier's Girls8856
Tucker's State Farm Ins.8856
Schroeder's Contracting8460
Coy's Crew7866
Bittles & Hirt6480
Elks #10775886
Ladies Eagles #438838106
Putnam Inn12132

High team scratch score -- Tucker's State Farm 218

High team scratch series -- Tucker's State Farm 399

High female game -- Victoria Honey/ Alyssa York 71

High male game -- Brady Robinson 88

High female series -- Alyssa York 128

High male series -- Brady Robinson 169

Mason's Bantam Youth (Saturday)

St. Vincent Physicians12022
Dr. Boatright, DDS11232
Dixie Chopper Gators10440
Charter Serv. Pest Cont.9846
Moose #15929252
W.D.T.M. #1388856

High team scratch score -- St. Vincent Physicians 557

High team scratch series -- St. Vincent Physicians 1,104

High female game -- Jalyn Duff 153

High male game -- Duke Duff 164

High female series -- Jalyn Duff 263

High male series -- Duke Duff 312

Eagles Junior Youth (Saturday)

Cobra Kai13359
Carpenter Realty11973
Hacker's Spare Crew11082
West Central Strikers10983
Dixie Chopper10290
Sheldon's Gutter Rats10290
Wells Yankees9795
Tiger's Den9498
Jameson Coffee9399
Benny's Flooring90102
Hendershot's Service88104
South Putnam Eagles88104
Lucy's Ladies83109
Alexander's Masonry82110
Bev N Wally's Bowlers64128

High team scratch score -- Sheldon's Gutter Rats 779

High team scratch series -- Sheldon's Gutter Rats 2,252

High female game -- Alex Hyten 175

High male game -- Max Cox 209

High female series -- April Cain 466

High male series -- Reggie Alex 572

Jacks and Jills Mixed (Sunday)

The Mulligans8246
Crawley/Howlett/McKinney 8048
Three of a Kind7454
Split Happens6662
On the Edge6464
Hacker's Bees5870

High team scratch score -- Ex-Cracka 744

High team scratch series -- Ex-Cracka 2,001

High female game -- Tiffany Friars 256

High male game -- Jason Hiddle 264

High female series -- Tiffany Friars 565

High male series -- Jason Hiddle 660

Automotive (Tuesday)

J&BJ Bait Shop15090
J.H. Young, Lawyer14897
J&D Towing133107
All or Nothing132108
Tucker's State Farm132108
Putnam Archery130110
Alex Alleys121119
Dave's Heating/Cooling116124
Bad Choice113127
Yorks Chevy/Buick/Pontica 96144

High team scratch score -- All or Nothing 966

High team scratch series -- All or Nothing 2,648

High individual game -- Mark Pitt 218

High individual series -- Mark Pitt 596

Pleasure Time (Sunday)

High Rollers7042
Alley Masters6646
The Family5854
Guess Who5656
Still Don't Know5656
Boom Booms5458
Double D5260
Three of a Kind4864
Shut ya face4864
Brad's Team4666

High team scratch score -- Double D's 743

High team scratch series -- Double D's 1,892

High female game -- Shauna Crawley 195

High male game -- Dave Von Tress 236

High female series -- Shauna Crawley 502

High male series -- Coy Dickey 589