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Friday, May 6, 2016

Coming soon to a garage sale near you

Friday, July 2, 2010

I have a confession to make: This isn't much of a column. As you can see, there isn't loads of space to fill this week.

Basically, I just wanted a reason to write this headline. It came to me Thursday morning as I gathered items for the garage sale Nicole and I, along with her family, are having.

(That's on Avenue D, if you're wondering. It continues today and tomorrow)

I was going through my CDs, knowing how difficult it is for me to part with my music. I have an addiction, after all.

Besides this, if I didn't want it, why would I have bought it?

However, I was able to find some things I really didn't need any more. Some were outright mistakes, and others were just things I wanted at the time that just don't work for me anymore. (For example, if I bought it when I was an angry 19-year-old.)

But much more common were the CDs I have been sent as a music reviewer. I often request the music I review, but I also get quite a few unsolicited CDs. Sometimes they are pleasant surprises. Other times they are below average, so I just ignore them.

And other times, they are just plain bad.

So, the headline came to me: "Coming soon to a garage sale near you." Of course, I'm not heartless enough to use that for an actual review. All of these people have created something and put it out there for others to enjoy. Even if I don't enjoy it, I try not to hate on it.

Seriously though, folks, there are still good bargains to be had, and they aren't just in my yard. Get out there and find yourself some bargains this weekend. What's more American than bargain hunting?