Letter to the Editor

New local gun club cause for concern

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

To the Editor:

These are some concerns I have about a gun club coming to the neighborhood:

1. The people that were notified of he re-zoning of agriculture land were those that lived within 600 feet of the property. Some people who live a couple of houses away were not notified, but would be affected by the noise of guns.

2. The land in question is a few houses away from Parke County -- were these people notified? They would be affected by the noise made by firing guns as well.

3. People in a rural community like to sit outside during evening hours and have family over -- who wants to sit outside, have a cookout and family over when all you hear are gunshots (you are used to hearing shots during hunting season, but that occurs only certain times of the year and certain hours as posted).

4. Some people like to hunt deer on their property; will the deer stay around in the area when they hear all of the noise, forcing hunters off their property?

5. Some people have livestock that provides income. What affect will the noise of gunshots have on these animals, especially if they are close (across the road or next land)? Will stray bullets hit one of these animals?

6. What effect will gunshots have on pets? Will they no longer go outside? Will they be frightened, psychologically damaged?

7. If the land becomes a gun club where guns of any type are fired and have shooting matches, where will the stray bullets go -- in my backyard? Will they hit my car as I drive by? Hit a person taking a walk on their land (which boders gun club property?

8. Will people who do not have air conditioning, keep windows open and be able to put up with the noise?

9. Will people who work nights and need to sleep during the day be able to sleep with the noise?

10. After being exposed to gunshots, how will hearing be impacted?

11. How about the road repairs -- extra traffic will wear down roads. Will they be kept in good condition?

12. How about security for the area? If someone gets drunk or unruly and has a gun, will the neighborhood lose sense of security, due to so many guns in the area?

13. People move to the country for peace and quiet not for noise.

14. How about anxiety that people may feel -- wondering if they can walk outside, mow their yard, tend their garden, let kids play outside -- that they won't have to be looking over their shoulder and wondering if a gunshot is heard, will stray bullet hit someone they love?

15. People who live around the proposed gun club may lose property value. When they go to sell property or home, they could potentially lose money.

Marsha Brattain