Not so fast... Favre says he has no plans to retire -- yet

Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's early August, so the off-season Favre watch is in full force. This year has been more ridiculous than in the past, and as a fan of Favre, I've just about had it.

Not a day goes by when ESPN isn't on my TV for a good portion of the day, but since Monday night/Tuesday morning, I've kept away from the station for the most part.

First it was reported by Adam Schefter that Favre had reportedly sent text message to the Minnesota Vikings indicating he was going to retire. Then a flow of follow-up stories came rushing in with coaches, players and fans giving their reaction to the news.

Then, as I told many people would happen, the next day it comes out Favre has not decided what he'll do, but if he's healthy he intends to play. Then another overflow of stories about his flip-flopping once more came out, how he's an attention-seeking child and how he's holding the Vikings hostage.

Ex-NFL player Rodney Harrison blasted Favre Wednesday for being selfish and craving attention. Hmmm, this coming for a guy who's never slow to throw his over-exaggerated opinion around, plus the individual who earned the title of "dirtiest player" three times during his career with over $200,000 in fines levied against him.

For me, I'll always remember Harrison for two things: His helmet-to-helmet hit on Jerry Rice and when David Tyree caught the pass over Harrison that helped the Giants win Super Bowl XLII and ended the Patriots' quest for a perfect season. Ah, thanks for the memories, Rodney.

I get why people are upset that Favre announced his retirement earlier in the week and has once again changed his position. The only problem with that argument is -- he didn't. Favre never said a single word about it, but a few reporters received a "tip," ran with it and now the blame is once again laid at Favre's door.

The Vikings have repeatedly stated they have given no deadline for the quarterback to announce his decision, so why is everyone else up in arms over it? It goes back to my argument a few weeks back about the criticism of Tiger Woods, people just want something to moan about.

If not Favre, it would be something. He's the latest scapegoat for fans' frustrations, and for ex-NFL players to state they wouldn't like to have him as a teammate -- that would be a bold face lie. You know it and I know it.

Everyone doubted his return last season and look what he did -- helped take the Vikings to the NFC Championship game. Granted, they didn't win and he tossed a very costly interception, but they were there and nobody thought that would happen.

All in all, I love to watch Favre play. I hope he comes back and I hope he shuts up the critics and armchair quarterbacks. Most of all, I want ESPN to do its job and find something else to cover until there's something to report about this story.

Favre not stating his decision either way isn't news, and frankly, I'm tired of hearing the speculation. So everyone at ESPN, give me something else and I would hope you have better things to do...

Now while I wait, w-w-w-.-o-f-f-i-c-i-a-l-b-r-e-t-t-f-a-v-r-e-.-c-o-m