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Gov. has no plans for White House just yet, calls attention good for state

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gov. Mitch Daniels discussed the importance of keeping a balanced budget Wednesday during his visit to Greencastle. "We cannot wishfully start spending money that is just not going to be there," he said. Banner Graphic/JOSH GARVEY
GREENCASTLE -- As rumors continue to swirl about Gov. Mitch Daniels' future political aspirations, the governor himself has little to say about the issue.

"I'm not doing anything about it," Daniels said on his stop in Greencastle Wednesday. "If you look at my schedule, my attention's completely fixed on the assignment that I have and the issues that face Indiana."

Instead, Daniels has chosen to keep his attention on the state. With more two years remaining in his term, he said he is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

"What I'm most excited about is the possibility of a great legislature next time and new change and reform -- things we haven't been able to get done so far. That's where my mind is," he said.

However, as he continues focusing on the state and continued economic recovery, Daniels said the buzz generated by the rumors isn't necessarily a bad thing.

If people are talking about Indiana's governor as a candidate, Daniels contended, it must mean something is going right in the state.

"If you think about it, the only reasons for the stories and the profiles and all the attention is because Indiana's seen as doing a little better," Daniels said. "People have noticed us for various reasons. 'Everybody's broke and you're not. You're adding jobs faster than other people. You're on all these lists of places for good jobs. You're building roads and everyone else is stuck. You cut property taxes and everybody else raised them.'

"So it's not me. I always say, it's not my matinee idol looks; it's because they've noticed Indiana, which is something we've always wanted to happen," he added.

He also said he's not bothered by being asked again and again, even if his answer remains the same. If people want to know, they are going to ask.

And the more journalists and commentators talk about it, the more attention the state gets, not just here in the U.S.

"(Tuesday) afternoon, I gave an interview to a fellow who's the deputy editor of the largest business magazine in Germany. He said, 'We're the Fortune magazine of Germany,'" Daniels said. "Why does that guy want to come out and see me? Because he's heard all this noise. I said, sure, I'll talk to that guy. Then what did I do? I gave a commercial for Indiana."

If the attention brings German investment in the state, then Daniels said it was worth his time.

"One good thing I can say about it is, we might turn it into a job or two," Daniels said.

So even as he continues not to talk about a run for the White House, he also won't say "no" outright.

"I've agreed to keep an open mind about this question, but it's in the back of my mind. If it's still of interest to people come next spring, we'll talk about it then," Daniels said.

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Daniels makes me sick, after he cut the education budget by $300million putting teachers out of work and doubling up class rooms, is just a long line of his mistakes. If this moron thinks that he would win any presidential race he better think twice. I am voting democrat, I don't want to go back to the bush era mess, thats all they want to do, and I will be pissed as hell if they don't let the 2001 bush tax cuts expire! Let them expire for the rich, but keep them for the middle class. The rich have had the last 10 years to do something with this money and now time is up!

-- Posted by BTruth1958 on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 1:12 AM

BTruth, where are your facts? I've seen little evidence of teacher lay-offs. Oh, sure, there's been lots of talk and worry and ugliness, but so far, which of the 4 school systems in Put. Co. have laid off teachers? (or are there 5?)

I've followed this topic very closely throughout the state. There has been no increase in class size. Are you aware that our largest school system in the state, IPS, has only 1/2 of their payroll is in the classroom? That's a whole lot of administrators!

Indiana is in much better shape than our neighbors and we have Mitch to thank!

-- Posted by sassylass on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 7:00 AM

In response to sassylass...you obviously weren't reading the paper this year. North Putnam released 15 certified teachers and 15 instructional assistants. They are approximately 2.5 million dollars in the hole. That's right 2.5 million dollars. They had to take out a loan to pay off a loan and still have the same amount of debt. Read the board notes they are posted on their website. Read the other schools board notes and read their comments on how they are not filling positions and offering retirement buyouts. Administrative costs are not controlled by the teachers, they are controlled by the school boards. Let's look at superintendent salaries and administrative costs. No one seems to be taking that into account. I know of several classrooms in this county that have students nearing 30 children. Since I don't think you have ever taught in a classroom before that is extremely high and very hard to manage even for the most "seasoned" teacher to handle. Across the state, over 3,000 teachers in this state lost their jobs including me. I now sit unemployed with a master's degree in education with 15+ years experience and no job. Yes, I look for other types of jobs but when you have 190 people apply for a secretaries job you know that things are not going well. I suggest people get their heads out of the sand and realize that Daniels is trying to do everything in his power to ruin public education. It takes money and people to run school systems. It is going to take a long time for schools in this state to get "back on their feet" after this administration is over.

-- Posted by transplant01 on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 8:08 AM

nning for president!!!!!! IS THIS A JOKE when you can't even do the job of a govenor.... Yeah that what our country needs!!!! lol

-- Posted by Innocent on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 8:29 AM

I guess the only answer is take from the rich and give to the poor......Everyone seems to forget people with money create jobs, if you take it away from them, no jobs....Explain to me how that doesn't make sense. Why not lower taxes for everyone, spur job growth, and expand the working class. In turn you generate more tax revenue. Its simple economics folks. Our economy is stagnant because the job creators are holding on to their cash because of uncertainty. Yes it is their cash, they should not be unfairly penalized because they are sucessful. Are there some that are cheats and used deception to build wealth yes, but its just as unfair to over tax the whole as it is con money out our economy.

I do not necessarliy agree with cutting education, but cuts had to be made. It was a double edge sword. If the teachers were happy, someone else would have lost their job and would have been unhappy.

I will say that I would have like to see State Govt Reps as well as Daniels take a pay cut....thats a whole other conversation though.

This idea that everything should be or could be equal unrealistic. I am not saying that those who commented on this article are a 'Zero Liablilty Voter', but I am tired of people that do not pay taxes at all dictating to me how much I should pay. There are some that genuinely need help, and thats ok. However, there are too many that just will not work and do not pay taxes. thus the "Zero Liability Voter'. Big Govt. is not the answer.

Mike Pence For President 2012

-- Posted by ynm_gop on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 2:35 PM

What is wrong with you people, mike pence for pres? Are you high? Every republican is for extending the bush tax cuts for the rich, they all claim that they will use that money for small businesses, well where has it been going for the last 10 years? In their pockets thats where! Pence is an idiot! He always was! You think they give a crap for anyone? No its big business that they all cater too! We now have a healthcare that will pay for all preventive care now! That means to you no co-pay, no deductable, nothing! And thats on colonoscopies, mamagrams, imunizations for kids etc! Something repubs wanted stopped!

-- Posted by BTruth1958 on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 4:28 PM

Depauw adimin must be making comments you freaking liberals

-- Posted by gate_keeper on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 7:31 PM

I guess the simple way to put it is, I want to earn and keep my money for my family, not yours. I'll take care of me and you take care of you. By the way, I grew up in a middle class family, and remain in the middle class to this day.

Universal healthcare will tear this country apart economically. Not because its not a good thing, its because there are simply too many people in this countryand not near enough doctors. Quality of care will have to decrease because they won't enough man hours or hours in the day to take care of everyone. All the while running our countries debt into multi trillions. Health care rationing will take place, not on purpose, but due to circumstance. 300 million and growing is a lot of people to take care of.

I am not sure why I am even commenting, I guess its because I enjoy the debate. None of this is going to happen anyways, the Dems are falling apart as we speak. When conservatives take this country back in November all this irrational spending will come to an end. See ya later Obama.....Liberals, you do not have to like it, but you all know whats coming. Sucks being on the other side doesn't it.....lol.

By the way its almost been 2 years, the blame it on Bush game is over. Your boy Obama is responsible now. Nothing he has done has worked. We are still in the same spot, only now we have 3x the debt we had 2 years ago. That is directly from Barry "Stimulus Package" Obama.

Pence for President 2012...

-- Posted by ynm_gop on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 8:39 PM

transplant, actually, I do have classroom experience! I am sorry that you lost your job. I am never happy when someone looses their job. I've been "riffed" a few times myself by private industry. A Masters degree and experience does not guarantee anyone employment, even if they do have a union. I believe that the NP school system as well as others have experienced a decline in enrollment. Less students equal less tax monies. NP also seemed to clearly spend money they didn't have! We have become a society that no longer takes personal responsibility. It's a world economy in which we compete. By the way, I believe there were 45 students in my 2nd grade class. I am not saying that we should go back to those days, but the U.S. has nothing over China or India. We must learn to understand who our competition is.

-- Posted by sassylass on Thu, Sep 23, 2010, at 10:18 PM

Is Gov. Mitch Daniels in favor of tax breaks for the rich? The rich and big business should get all of the tax breaks our government can afford. Why, they create jobs! Never mind witch countries those jobs are created in.

-- Posted by Blindside on Mon, Sep 27, 2010, at 5:50 PM

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