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Ex-insurance agent sentenced

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

GREENCASTLE -- A former Bainbridge insurance agent who pled guilty to one count of Class D felony theft was in court Tuesday for sentencing.

Judge Denny Bridges sentenced Bradley K. Buchanan, 44, to three years on home detention.

The state asked for two-and-a-half years executed. Buchanan will receive credit for 50 days he spent in jail following his arrest.

Buchanan was arrested on Nov. 12, 2009 as the result of a nearly yearlong investigation conducted by representatives from the Indiana State Police and the Indiana Department of Insurance. The investigation was launched after the IDOI received several complaints against Buchanan's company, Buck Insurance.

The investigation revealed that Buchanan had taken payments from numerous customers but never started their insurance policies. Court records said Buchanan went so far as to provide customers with fake policy numbers.

Buchanan's insurance license was suspended on Sept. 11, 2008. He incorporated Buck Insurance in 1991, and opened the company's Bainbridge office in 2008, court records said.

At the time his license was suspended by the IDOI, Buchanan claimed to not understand why he had been investigated. He said he was "blindsided."

Initially, Buchanan pled not guilty to all charges and his bond was set at $25,000 cash only.

On Nov. 18, 2009 Bridges reduced Buchanan's bond to $25,000 with 10 percent authorized, on the condition that Buchanan be hooked up to electronic home monitoring upon his release from jail.

Ten percent of Buchanan's bond was posted the next day. According to court records, Buchanan was released from home monitoring on Feb. 3.

Buchanan was originally charged with one count of Class C felony corrupt business influence and four counts of Class D felony theft. At a change of plea hearing in November, Buchanan pled guilty to one Class D felony count.

One of Buchanan's former clients, Patricia Setty, took the stand at Buchanan's sentencing. She said she had insured her home and real estate business through Buchanan, but took her business elsewhere when Buchanan gave her the runaround when she asked for policy numbers and declarations pages.

Setty said she gave Buchanan a check for $1,313 as payment for her policies, and that on May 7, 2007 he presented her with a personal check for the same amount.

"He asked me to endorse it to pay for another year's coverage," Setty said. "I didn't endorse anything, but I did take the check from him."

Felling asked Setty if she negotiated that check -- which he described as an insurance premium "that apparently did not get processed correctly."

"I didn't negotiate nothing," Setty said. "I figured I was taking back what was mine to begin with."

Setty said the IDOI contacted her about Buchanan's possible criminal activity, and that she assisted them because she felt Buchanan had wronged her.

"He almost cost me my insurability," Setty said. "It's just like if you went to McDonald's and paid for a cup of coffee and didn't get it, you wouldn't be happy."

Sgt. Scott Stockton of the Indiana State Police said there were other victims in the case, but they were from out of state and "had no interest in pursuing" action against Buchanan.

Buchanan now works as a mechanic at his father Joseph's business, Buck Sports Motors. He said he was aware that his son had been having some "bookkeeping problems" with his insurance business "due to some of the help he had in the office."

"He's really worried about all of this," Joseph Buchanan said in court Tuesday. "His demeanor has softened quite a bit."

Joseph Buchanan also said jail time for his son would cause "undue hardship" on Bradley Buchanan's two children.

"I think he's learned his lesson," Joseph Buchanan said.

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Here we are again - white collar crime in Putnam County. I feel there needs more consequences for the people committing theft and various white collar crimes. We don't have to necessarilty send them to prison, just make them work at a "HARD JOB" to earn the money to pay back what they "unrightful" took. Here's to you Pienta, Mitchner, Fenwick, etc.

-- Posted by Taxpayer5253 on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 7:18 AM

Buchanan has believed he is "above the law" for years, & probably still does.

-- Posted by ProblemTransmission on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 7:48 AM

I filed a complaint against Buchanan with the prosecuter and the IDOI and never received a call from either. Makes me wander about the whole investigation.

-- Posted by check the facts on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 8:46 AM

I am completely impressed. After so much publicity this matter is over and the BannerGraphic was 100 percent correct in the reporting of the sentencing hearing, although they left out some very interesting facts that were brought up in open court. I personally witnessed what went on in that courtroom and I will tell you what it was the longest sentencing hearing I had ever seen for a class D felony. The time line was this, the hearing started at 11.00 Am adjourned at 12:00 pm restarted at 1:00 and finally the sentence was handed down at approximately 2:45 pm. After seeing a host of witnesses starting with the State police officer that investigated the issue and brought the charges against Mr. Buchanan a full year after the Dept of Insurance closed their investigation with the voluntary surrendering of his insurance license. Next up was Ms. Setty whom testified that she had multiple policies with the company and all of those policies were in force which was proven when she had a claim against her home. Although she did point out that it was a terrible time of getting them to pay. With the exception of her E&O policy. The only testimony she gave was that yes she had a lot of policies with him and one was not enforced. And in light of that Mr. Buchanan had actually found this out on his own prior to any investigation by either the Dept of Ins or the state police. He then met with the client and offer a refund or he would get the policy put in place. She took the check and negotiated it as pointed out, which basically means cash it to make it usable for her self. So in turn she had received a full refund of her payment. I would also like to make the readers aware of other non-court related matters that occurred in the court room. Mr. Buchanan's ex-wife was also mixed into the crowd and spoke with many of the States witnesses and Mr. Bookwalter himself prior to and during the adjournment sessions. From an outside view that seemed strange, I asked the question to my self, is she here to see the outcome for her children's sake or more so to be the one to drive the last nail into the cross that he would be crucified on. But we will get to her real reasoning later, Just remember there was in fact a white elephant in the room metaphorically speaking. That our esteemed prosecutor kept looking at as if wanting her approval. I am sort of at a loss with that because she was not an alleged victim in this case. None the less, moving the next thing that happened was that the State rested their case, And Mr Felling called his first witness which was an attorney for another case in another county that was currently in the process of being overturned due to errors on the part of a former attorney that was assigned to it, which in that case went to a Default Judgment. Of course this attorney was skilled in the ways of the insurance business, and gave a very good testimony for the defendant. Although one thing that came to mind when Mr. Bookwalter brought out the findings of that non-published applet ruling, why was it allowed to be used as evidence in a sentencing hearing since in fact it stemmed from a case that was yet to be resolved at the current time. Mr. Felling objected to its use but was overturned by Judge Bridges and was allowed to be used as a basis for Mr. Buchanan's sentencing. Next up were Joseph Buchanan to give character information on the defendant from before and after he was charged and some of what the defendant's childhood was like and where he thought he was going as a law-abiding citizen now. Then the court was adjourned until 1:00 pm. On the was out of the court room Mr Bookwalter spoke with the ex-wife re- assuring her he would receive at least a year in jail, which seems odd to me that a man of public trust would delegate information to a non-victim so to the writer it feels as though there were underlying factors that Ms. Buchanan was either helping with or orchestrating in the background.

1:00 pm came back pretty quick, and the State did not have any questions for Joseph Buchanan, So the next witness was the Defendant. The Defendant was asked many questions to give reason to the problems or to answer for testimony that was given by other witnesses. He also gave a background of himself as a person and a father of two children. On Cross Mr bookwalter went after him like a very good prosecutor should and the Defendant answered, as he should. Mr Bookwalter did get his point across that it seemed unlikely for as many "clerical mistakes occurred " pointing to the un-published findings that were used in open court from a non-resolved cause. As well as pointing to the charges that were dropped in this case as factors as well. And asking for a sentence of 2.5 years executed be handed down. ( and from the back of the room you could hear the excitement from Ms. Buchanan loudly in the courtroom.)The writer not being skilled in the art of the law as say an attorney thought that once a charge was dropped that it was no longer an issue in determining a sentence since there was not a conviction on those offenses, But he did anyway, again I am not an attorney. With that the State rested it's final argument. Then Mr. Felling went on and gave a great final argument re-telling the defendants issues both financial and personal. Mr felling asked for Misdemeanor sentencing with time servered and the duration of the year spent on probation.

The Judgement: The judge in case admitted he was somewhat baffled by the information that he has receiving from both sides of the courtroom. He went on to say this is a very hard case to pass a sentence on do to the factors of the case. His examples were "why would the defend refund the 1312.00 prior to being investigated by both the Department of Insurance and the state police. And the fact that the defendant voluntarily gave his license prior to any formal investigation by the state police." So when the state police did investigate and found Ms. Setty and spoke to her she said she had been refunded years prior and did not want to press the issue (which she also said in her testimony in court ) As was the other "Said Victims" opinion which was said by the State Police Officer. So was it hard for him to pass judgment on this case because it had so many facets, or was it because there really was not a case in the first place. The writer believes the latter and the Judgment was more to save face on the court system for allowing this to become overblown in the media. The aggravating factors in this case was that the defendant had three prior arrests dating back 27 years ago, 11 years ago and 3 years ago. All none related. The last one was that the defendant was in a position of trust. People trusted him to do as they wished. The mitigating factors were that he was a single parent with permanent custody of one of his children. And the last one was a two pronged factor being that the states victim was refunded her money prior to any investigation by the Dept of Ins or the state police, and the other prong was that he surrendered his license and cooperated with both investigations.. The verdict was then read. The defendant was given a chance to prove himself Judge Bridges said " two types of people get sentenced in this court room, those that have really changed and those that are liars, Which one will you be" The defendant received a three year executed sentence on home detention with a direct commitment to the Dept of Corrections so he will get good time credit and if the defendant completes his term there would be no more issues such as probation ,he has no restitution nor any fines, but has court costs so the judge ordered those taken out and the balance be transferred to the Community corrections people for fees, which I am not really sure that is legal but what do I know, But if he fails he will then be placed in prison or jail to execute his term. At that point the White elephant in the room got very upset and stormed out of the courtroom. From the writers point of view I think there may have been some misdoings on the part of the ex-wife and some other women to get this case were it was and to get the outcome that it did. Obviously she was there to see him go to jail and to get full custody of there children so he then would have to pay child support. If anyone has any doubt of that statement you should take a look at her face book page she is very upset with our counties court system.

Looking back there were many other People Of Trust that have gotten arrested for such crimes that involved a lot more money than 1312.00 , Such as the supreme man of trust that was our former sheriff, after watching this and hearing the facts I firmly believe the sentence imposed was way over done comparably to the others that have been in the public eye.

-- Posted by Go Turtle Go on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 10:05 AM


-- Posted by interestedperson on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 10:29 AM

To "check The Facts"

I seriously doubt you filed anything nor called anyone because if you did then the state would have had you as a witness in the case instead of the one witness they did have that was refunded her moneies when it was determined by the agent that the policy was not in forced well prior to any sort of investigation. Personally i think you are trying to start something that has already been resolved or you are trying to say that the dept of insurance and the state police are not doing thier job. I guess it doesnt matter anyway he was sentenced yesterday as the artical points out that is above this posting in case you did not read it. Case Closed.

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 11:19 AM

That is the the longest blog I have ever seen!

-- Posted by 1stamendrights on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 11:47 AM

Seems to me that obviously they person was in the courtroom..lol

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 12:16 PM

Long blog but good blog.....very interesting. Small town politics at its best I would say.

-- Posted by G-boy2008 on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 2:08 PM

Ok first off I am the x wife and I really dont care what you all say ok. I see you interviewed Brad and not me. Well here is my part.

I AM NOT IN THIS FOR THE MONEY! I was there for Bradley and Kristina's sake. Second, I was not going to take full custody of my son and if you really want to know our business I had already talked with my son and we had both agreed that he would stay with his father, unless Brad went to jail and then he would stay with me until Brad got out. Third, Brad and I have Joint custody of both our kids neither have sole custody. Maybe you all should look up the court records before flapping your jaws about things you don't know about. Brad and I still have a pending case in Terre Haute for the custody issues under Judge Adler. Forth, I had to wait until this was all over to talk with Brad.

Shall we go on ok lets do. I was with Brad for more than 18 years of my life and have seen how bad he has treated his children and me, all because I divorced him and found another man. I have seen what Brad can do and how manipulating he is, you people have not. Change, no he has not, if he changed then how come, still to this day, he still does not get along with my boyfriend, which I have been with since our divorce in 05'? How come he will not let my boyfriend pick up my son from his house? How come he calls him names and says he will shoot him for stepping on his property? Change right! He is far from civil. My boyfriend has never said one word to him for the sake of the kids and because he loves me. He knows and loves, and cares for the kids. Brad has done nothing but put these kids in the middle of this whole ordeal! I don't expect any of you to believe and thats fine. THE MAKER UPSTAIRS KNOWS! My boyfriend has bought my daughter two cars and takes care of her plates and insurance for her. He bought the house we live in presently, so we all could have separate rooms and filled it with materials things all kids want and love. All in the hopes that it would help ease the pain the kids are going through being parted from each parent.

I have been trying to get full custody of Bradley yes, for three years now and paid out alot of money in attorney fees, evaluations, drug test and such. Brad, he did nothing but went once to talked to the evaluator and give her a check that bounced. I already had Kristina living with me because Brad kicked her out and told her she was a whore and a slut all because of hes drinking. I recorded all the phone calls between the two incase anyone is interested to know the truth and dig deeper into my business. I pulled away from Brad because he and I where going down the drunken path road. Yes, I was wrong too and I am not ashamed to admit it because I know I was doing wrong.

Since Bradley has grown, I decided that fighting Brad would not be good for him and Kristina and agreed to stop. Yes, I was in that court room, I was there incase Brad would have to go to Jail. I hoped he did not for Bradley's sake. I was just very disturbed by the lies that went on in the court room. I know for a fact that the 20,000 that his father gave him went to Christmas present for kids and he bought a motorcycle. His father did not ask for anything back. You know it must be nice not to have to work and have mommy and daddy pay for everything, along with getting welfare. I however, got on with my life and went back to college and I am doing very well. Oh and ontop of all this, since you all want to know my business, I was the mother who paid child support(always trying to keep up with the payments and not changing the amount, even though I was paid less on my job). I also worked hard to provide them with health insurance while working at Fed-X, while they lived with Brad. That was their home and I wanted them to stay there while I had a part in their life too. Maybe you all should come talk to me and get the other side of the story.

Brad was wrong in what he did and apparently he knew because he pled guilty. I have proof that he did me wrong with my insurance, I just did not take him to small claims because I had enough going on in my life at the time and I was not the one who turned Brad in thank you. I had nothing to do with that. Again if you want to see proof come to me and I will show you.

LIES, that is what I was upset about in the court room and I left early after the sentencing, while crying, because it was hurting me to much. Reality hit me knowing that Bradley was not going to be able to go anywhere with his father to have fun for the period he has to spend on house arrest. You people don't know me or who I am and it hurts to have people talk about me in such a manor. I love my kids very much. All I wanted was for Brad to get along with me and help raise our kids but it is what it is and thats Brads fault for acting the way he has.

I have spent the last 6 months loosing my grandmother, bestfriend, and now this. I knew this was coming. I have cried buckets of tears because Brad will not get along with me. But I went on. Kristina is doing very well being with me. Brad has not helped me with one insurance bill, he has not helped with her athletics, he has only been to one meet in two years, he has not helped me pay her college expenses which now total 4,000. He has not helped paid for her PSAT or her SAT, or helped with filling out applications for college, he was even asked to walk her down the field on Senior night for Cross Country and his answer was "not if your mom is" really Brad, she has two parents and two arms, I can go on and on and on and on. Oh lets see is he going to help me pay the $300 dollar down payment for housing at IU that we owe here in about two weeks. NOOOOOO! I have all of it down on paper what he owes me. Yes I have contacted him about all of this. I even have two unopened envelopes returned to me because Brad did not pick them up at the post office. Which have bills, school meets and events and pictures in them. Once again if you want to see it I can provide you with how Brad has not suppported Kristina financially. However, I am not even going to ask him for the money because it will only come from his mother and father and I refuse to take their money. I have always gave Brad whatever money he needed for Bradley and yes, I kept receipts whenever I could. I have encourage Kristina to have a relationship with her father and she is trying. Brad on the other hand keeps Bradley away from me, and always has and probably always will. I have had to call the school for events Bradley is in and ordered pictures separately because Brad will not supply me with any information. Maybe someday the two will understand what happen. I can only pray! I only wish that his parents really knew who Brad is and what he has done to them. I feel sorry for both of them. So I will remind all of you to come to me and talk with me before you judge me! Let me pull out all of my journals, calenders, phone recordings, let me bring all the witnesses as well to share with you my side of the story.

-- Posted by rooster70 on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 8:25 PM

I am sorry rooster70 aka Patty why dont you just do as you said on your face book page then there would be no issue of custody.YOU are a LOOSER your boyfriend is a LOOSER, yes it was funny watching your fat arse run out of the court room like a little kid that did not get her way. as for Brad being what you said I have no doubt he was maliputive but from what i know you found your man before you got a divorce. Secondly your boy friend said to YOUR SON you will soon know what real punishment is when his dad goes to jail, third Your boyfriend hates your daughter she is too expensive and you just said that with the car Blah blah blah... I am sure his unemployment and your swim coach job pays well. Please lady you can give the drama, scream that he did this and did that, Here is reality for you I know full well you left him he had custody of both kids you got popped for 2 maybe three owi's or dui's. the truth of the matter is that you will not be recieving a paycheck from him or as you put it his mommy and daddy. What are you jealous because you have no life. you have a washed up electrician drawing welfare and I would guess your kids HATE you for the BS you and your friend have drawn towards this guy. Here is a clue the case is over about your own household and let people live their lives, also I love how you repeat the same line about your maker that your cohort did on your facebook. All you seem to be is a whiney boo woo chick that wants to daw a check. And lastly did you say you recorded a conversation between your under age child and her father. I am sorry lady but that is against the law. You are as smart as a burnt out light bulb.

Peace out

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Wed, Jan 26, 2011, at 9:57 PM

WOW! First off, there are some REALLY long posts on here. And secondly, I dont know anyone in this situation, but Im a mom and I have a man, or should I say boy, that hasnt seen his son in almost 5 years. He lied and never put him first and there was always an excuse on why he couldnt come see him. And like I said, he hasnt seen him in almost 5 years! If everything shes saying is true, I feel for her. Im not exactly sure why people are bashing her. Running out of the courtroom??? Yeah, I can understand that. When youre hurt and disgusted, thats kinda what happens. Until youre a mom with a not so good bio dad, you dont know how it feels to hurt for your kids. To know what they have been through and what they are going to continue to go through. And as far as recording and keeping journals and things, it may not be used in court but its a good thing to have. I done the EXACT same thing. My ex was a liar and a cheat and worst of all he lied to MY son. When he said he was coming to pick him up and didnt, I wrote it down. When he said he was going to call him and didnt, I wrote it down. I have tablets upon tablets of things, dates and times. I kept records of everything so when my son got older (he was 1 1/2 at the time) he knew the truth and it wasnt just me putting things in his head. Like I said, I dont know anyone in this situation, but if this woman is telling the truth, I thought Id be the one person to stick up for her.

-- Posted by logical_mom on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 12:16 AM

Ms Logical Mom She is what you would call your Bio-dad. She left her husband for another man, did not want to take her kids period. Until the daughter decided she wanted to be with her mom, as young girls do. Given her info above she is whining about the cost which makes it look as though she is in it for the money. Her words were that she didnt want him to go to jail, she repeatly called the procecutors office to push the issues, even when as far is huddling up with Tim to varify that he was going to ask for at least two years executed, I was there as she walked out with him.But she did not want him to go to jail. When he did not get the sentence both her and the State wanted she through a hissy fit. Truthfuly it was funny because her actions just confirmed what everyone has said. She is in it for the money, which I dont understand because if he was to goto jail/prison she would get nothing except the right to say she has full costody which in turn would make it very hard to get his son back. And from what I have heard it would be a bad thing for her boyfriend to have any sort of control or what not of the son because he has some sort of anamosity of the child.

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 7:02 AM


Just from the Moms post I feel sorry for Brad now.

(on the family matters, not the insurance)


-- Posted by dodger1 on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 8:09 AM

I want everyone to know I said my peace and you call can say what you want. I know who I am and what I went through you dont. I also know who Brad is and how he is. If you lived in this life you would understand. Oh but you did not. OH and I did want my kids stop posting I did not. Had you read my post you would have read that I cared enough for them to let them stay at their home they grew up in and stay in their school system. I agreed to this as long as I had joint custody. I paid the support, I paid for the health insurance, i bought them clothes with no welfare help. I supported them in school. I came and picked them up and took them home. Because Brad was always to drunk to do so. So stop bashing my mother part. YOU DONT KNOW! I also drove Kristina back and forth to North Putnam for a whole semester when she came to live with me so that she would not have to change schools at that time. I live in Hendricks county and it was a 50 mile round trip and gas was almost $4 a gallon. Care for my kids you people dont even know. I could have put Brad down along time ago but cared for the kids more, so you need to get the facts straight. Want to know more give me a call and Ill tell you my side the truth. You people have the right to feel sorry for Brad but I know how he treated his children and its sad so no I do not feel sorry.

-- Posted by rooster70 on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 9:35 AM

P.S i have only had one DUI in 2006 and I spent my time and money serving the community and paid for my crime which Brad set me up on. But I moved on and well lets see Brad has a what FELONY, DUI, CONVERSION FOR THEFT AND TRESSPASSING and I am the bad person here. I have been a Social Worker for 15 years and I am getting ready to get my BA from IUPUI so yea I would say Im doing better than Brad. Does not mean I hate him. I don't! Oh and for the Coaching Job I am a High School Swim Coach and we have had a great season! We are WCC champs and someones team is not for the first time.

-- Posted by rooster70 on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 9:48 AM

I'll bet the whole thing was just a major conspiricy against him. He being the wanderful honest person he is. Some of these blogs do prove that you can fool some of the people ALL of time.

-- Posted by check the facts on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 9:54 AM


-- Posted by Redsonia on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 10:27 AM

Wow!ALl the talk about the ex-wife. Doesnt she have the right to defend herself. I mean really. It was others that brought her up in the first place. So if your going to bring her up and blame her, I think she has that right to say what she feels. Ok so all of the defenders of BRAD BUCHANAN. Lets check the facts of public records as OH MY GOODNESS like to state.

1. Brad was arrested for insurance fraud in 94. something about a stolen car.

2. Brad was also arerest for a DWI just a year or two ago.

3. He was arrested for stealing from others in his own insurance company

He has several other cases against him all of are public record. Hendricks county from which he has lost a case for over 500,000

another for 2500 from a bank sueing him .Also a tax warant. All are public record. BUT WE ARE SAYING **POOR BRAD** Give me a break the creep has done this all to himself.

As for the phone recording better check your facts and speak the facts.

Indiana law follows the Federal Law for recording Telephone or Telegraphic communications.

Federal Law only requires one party to the call to agree to the recording. This means that if you are receiving phone calls, and want to record them, you are the only person that needs to be the approving person. You DO NOT need to tell the other party the call is being recorded.

Indiana law allows you to record any call you receive whether it is an adult or child.

Indiana law, like the Federal law, only makes it illegal to record calls in which you are not a party. In other words you cannot use a scanner or other device and record calls that you are not one of the people participating in the call.

BTW Oh MY GOODNESS (If it isnt Brad in the first place) Why are you stalking the ex wife? I mean your so interested in her facebook page. Wow get a life.

Once again you people are forgetting this isnt about the ex wife this is about the perosn who did a crime. Wait til you get taken. You are so blind. He stole its a fact. Brad needs to quit playing the role of a victim. HE stole! Its a fact.

And I must say ROOSTER, I am so sorry that you have to defend yourself against DUMB arses on here. I think with all that you have said your doing what you can for your kids. So maybe we should go and getwith the ex wife and see what she has to offer then maybe all thebashing on her would stop,.. SHE DIDNT DO THE CRIME PEOPLE!! so why is she even being brought up. BRAD BUCHANAN***GUILTY*** Enough said! SOOO WAAAAA to the whiners geez!

-- Posted by karma54 on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 11:05 AM

Only the facts!

1. Brad pleaded guilty! (That means he did it)

2. The lawyer lied about him having Sole custody of his son. I read the court documents, which says they have joint custody and there is a custody case pending in Terre Haute.

3. I also looked up his cases as well on DOC and yes he has:

1. Trespassing

2. Theft Charge-conversion (Theft 1)

3. Civil Case in which he owes now 600,000 which was brought up in court.

4. DUI

5. Lizton Bank did take him to court which he owes $2,500.

6. Class D Felony (Theft 2)

4. Said in court the Insurance Commissioner investigated him seized his file from his business as a result he gave up his Insurance License. (why would you give up your lively hood if you where not guilty!)

Doesn't sound much like a honest person to me WOW!

It saddens me to read all this bashing of his x-wife when she is not the one in question here. So I believe that she does have the right to give her side of the story.

In closing all I heard in the court room that day was a man hiding behind his children for the sake of not having to go to jail. My opinion is he is the real LOOSER!

-- Posted by OnlyTheFacts on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 11:59 AM


-- Posted by ProblemTransmission on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 2:34 PM

My question is how can someone hired to coach or teach children through a school when they have an owi or dwi or dui on their record? What kind of example is this for our children? I want my children to know that drinking & driving is wrong and if they commit this crime that they will be punished not be hired by a school!!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Posted by seriously do people think on Thu, Jan 27, 2011, at 2:53 PM

Wow!! Some people need to find a hobby and stay out of everyone's personal lives!! To rooster70- too much information. Trying so hard to defend yourself, makes it look like you're not the perfect person you want everyone to perceive you as.

-- Posted by ruserious27 on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 12:07 AM

I also want to point out that he was sentenced to 3 years home detention and from what I understood, he only served 3 or so months? Am I getting this right? I know alot of people that have done alot less and got alot more punishment. Just think its kind of odd

-- Posted by logical_mom on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 2:33 AM

Logical Mom alot of people have done a lot worse and goten less. As for any recordings an under age child cannot give concent to record a conversation. I really dont care what he got, I am just sick of listening the wife whine about how abused she is, all she is doing is distroying her relationship with her kids. Karma54, sorry you might want to quit being multiple people on here because all posts are logged and when you have multiple posts by different people it sorta shows up, guess that was like you calling the Insurance people as different people to report fake allegations of fack policies, if memory serves you worked for the man yourself.Secondly not sure what DOC your looking at but DOC has NO record of Bradley Buchanan you can try to throw that out there but the man has never been to prison in our state and if he did a little jail time he would not be there unless he went to PRISON, check yourself: http://www.in.gov/apps/indcorrection/ofs...

And Rooster, you sound as though you are serously paranoid, how can you be set up for a dui, seriously did he force the alcohol down your throat and make you drive, maybe you just were swerving or such. I am not Brad, nor would I want to be, rooster knows who i am so I find it odd that the other person with multi-named posts doesnt know, I guess she should just go get that bottle of wine and kick back with rooster and pick up another dui, that I am sure the school doesnt know she has,what school is that by the way. Given the results from your post I would have to say Cascade.

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 7:33 AM

Let me be the first to say this, if ya'll r so worried about the dui dwi and the education of kids maybe u should realize that ms.buchanan has a dui on her and she is a swim coach hmmmm lets go back and read that again should? K now that has been done lets review something else ms.setty said in the begining that she DID NOT!!!!! want to pursue anything in this case so why is it all the sudden a change of heart surly nobody twisted her arm NAAAA that could happen, I have known brad for a long time i have had done alot of buisness w him i have also seen the man behind the scenes, outside of buisness the man is just as honest to his kids his own life and his friends, myself havin the privlage of bein one of them, so bout all i am readin on here is how bad the man is, why dont all you ppl walk a mile or better yet spend a day in his shoe see what he has to go through, you have no clue you couldnt handle it,unless you have been there yourself there is absolutely no reason for you to bash a man for admitting he made a MISTAKE that was takin care of almost 4 years ago c'mon ppl, Brad all these bashers on here laugh at them man they dont have the slightest clue on whats goin on keep your head up.

-- Posted by fumanchu1717 on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 8:58 AM

Rooster70 = X-wife

Karma54 = X Girfiend and employee.

Only the Facts x-wife or ex girlfiend

Problem Transmittion Hmm I will go with x-wifes Boyfriend

Logical Mom > X-wife

Oh My Goodness > ME the short guy. both karma and rooster know of me.

From just this set of posts we men can actually see how devious a woman or women scorned can be. From a third person point of view I would say that they would get together a group of people to destroy a persons life while the kick back and giggle over some cheap wine and spritzers. So a lesson to be learned her is dont get a crazy chick as a girlfriend or spouse. I do recall they made a song about these type of ladies. As your favorite TV guy says

Final Thoughts:

Let people live their own lives, overcome their issues with each other and move on to happier places. Because fellow watchers this could be you in this sitiuation and you can see it has done nothing but escelate from a hummming sound to a riot in just days. The man got 6 months more than the state wanted so justice is done, they both have thier kids although some kids my not be happy with the things that their parents have said about the issue but that soon will pass if you let the sleeping dog alone.

Thank you for watching and remember to spay your pets and spouses.

Cheers to ya T.F

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 8:59 AM

HA HA Oh My Goodness...You think you know who we all are. Not everyone is on Mr. Buchanan's side.Well Im glad you know so much about me...First...Im not the Ex-Girlfriend...Nice try. I am a married man..Second...I never said anything about DOC..Its not hard to type in someones name on doxpop.com or look into caseview from the Hendricks county Public court records all of which you can look from your own computer. Thats where mr. Buchanan had orig. opened his business. Look it up! I have made many posts on here that dont just pertain to Mr. Buchanan. And I dont care what people say..he is not a person to be trusted. He has made himself the public eye and hardley ever been a good thing. He has history of being a criminal. If he didnt want to look like a loser maybe he shouldnt have acted like one. And who cares who turned him in. BUt as I recall the Banner said the IDOC said there were several complaints. Brad get over yourself..

Brad has made a bad name for himself in putnam county not only as a DRUNK, But as a theif as well. If you dont want to be in the public eye stay out of trouble stop cheating people.

And my question what mistake did he make 4 years ago..He is still making them from what I see.

Wonder how much he will steal from his own father..being as thats who claims they own it.

Maybe the sould make him work for Taco Bell or something.....He cant seem to take care of a business with out dipping into the funds.

Watch out everyone he is working out of his garage...dont get taken..

Once again.....cant seem to take cedit for his own problems he created..gotta blame the woman he was with....If anyone is to blame its MR. BUCHANAN!

-- Posted by karma54 on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 10:00 AM

lol i kinda agree there oh my goodness, but when you let the dog sleep to long, look what happens he gets kicked out of bed with a gun in his face, so there for how is it possible to let the sleepin dog alone? I am not a friend of an x nor am i a x of a x, OH 1 thing that i forgot to state earlier is that you can not look up his doc cases so there for wipe the poop off your boots come on in and start tellin us the truth if ur gonna start making false comments, its people like you that make a guy like brad look like trash when the people that already know him knows that its not the truth, dui dwi big deal its a thing of the past look at the ex wife she is a swimm coach w a dui bash her for awhile she is takin care of other peoples children in water of all things, i would be concerned i dont know about you. meaning what if she went to practice and under the influence and a swimmer got a cramp and she couldnt respond to it fast enough and something happens to the child? Do you think justice would prevail on that case that would be more serious than what brad had done. Dont ya think?

-- Posted by fumanchu1717 on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 10:09 AM

MY BAD TYPO ERROR I MENT IDOI..not IDOC....But if everone is so interested in looking up Mr. Buchanan him self just go to http://hendricks.nasaview.com/terms.php or doxpop.com...you will find all you need there. So with that said ...You got your fame Brad AKA OH MY GOODNESS...grow up people. Keep saying things about the ex or Ex's yea they made him do it huh? As for the xwife...seems she made her mistake and got on with her life...college and swim coach. Dont see where she has made the paper recently.. GOodness whne are u gonna learn to look at the real story.... I dont see headlines talking about her HUH!!!! If your going to make comments why not be fair and stick with the story that was printed!

-- Posted by karma54 on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 10:27 AM

Karma I am not brad nor do i care if you think such. As for being an ex Ms Fox I dont care either I did look at the hendricks co stuff seems most are infractions or civil matters.Thats neat though if you arent that person and you live in that county you must have looked him up before so i would go with what i said before two scorned ladies. Its over let it go. All you two are going to do is get yourself in trouble if you keep it up.

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 10:53 AM

Here is a neat tidbit of info for our readers click below.


and what you will notice is 80 percent of the things she reads has to do with this case and who is getting reelected..

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 10:58 AM

I am really lovin all these links cuz u all aint showin any proof of wrong doin up to current date, all ur doin is bringing up the past it was said in a blog or 2 ago grow up. well people the one's that keeps trying to kick up hot coals in a dust bowl i think u need to grow up, unless you think that ur a victim to one of his wrong doings, now ex wife or wives or ex girlfriend why dont ya'll just on w your life worry about yourself cuz you takin up peoples time readin your garbage about just how bad the man is and never anything possitive is for the birds he went to court bridges done his job brad is payin for it so go on live ur own life and quit tryin to make someone elses worse than what it is.

-- Posted by fumanchu1717 on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 11:56 AM

"Problem Transmittion Hmm I will go with x-wifes Boyfriend"

Not even close.

-- Posted by ProblemTransmission on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 2:28 PM

patty trying to reach you left message on your my space call me

-- Posted by indy123 on Fri, Jan 28, 2011, at 9:27 PM

indy123 yes i got your message and lets go for it! Thanks for contacting me. All this bashing is not for me so this will be my last posting. I am better than all these people on here. I just felt I should defend myself but now kinda regret it because i know what really happen. I am just moving on. Great to hear from ya would have never in a hundred years thought I might have some else that knows what I went through as well and is ready to move on with me. THis should be interesting. Haha

-- Posted by rooster70 on Sat, Feb 5, 2011, at 9:29 AM

Bottom line, Brad Buchanan is a very mentally ill, sick , evil human being! His poor father's stroke was probably induced by Brad cleaning ole' dad out of everything he owns! If I hadn't been privy to actually court documents, relating to past crimes, I almost wouldn't believe it, as I have never, ever known of any other human being (who didn't have a major drug habbit) committing the theft crimes he has (and esp. praying upon the people he is closest to!). Who does that! He now sits in jail accused of a parole violation for possession of a stolen motorcycle. Unbelievable!!! He actually gets the luxury of sitting at home -vs-jail and does this! He really needs to be locked up for the rest of his life! I believe that we should love every human being and if one wants to love Brad and do what's best for him, then he should be locked up forever! It is the only way to save him (and us) from himself!

I will say prayers for his children, as they are the ones that will have to live with his actions, consequences and unfortunately, genes!

-- Posted by indy123 on Fri, Aug 5, 2011, at 11:37 PM

All I Can say to you indy123, is you are misinformed and logically an idiot to think someone could get locked up for life for petty crimes as such..I would just keep reading the paper to see how it all turns out..

-- Posted by Oh My Goodness on Mon, Sep 19, 2011, at 1:28 PM

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